Startup Panic Review (PC)

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    Startup Panic is a Simulator game that follows a character on his or her journey from startup to a big company. The game is developed by Algorocks and published by TinyBuild Games. The game is currently out for PC on the Epic store for €11,99 and on mobile devices for €6,99.


    So the beginning of the game is very confusing (just like most of the game to be honest). I got stuck in a small loop where someone asked me to do a job for him and then i kept getting a game over screen, until i picked the other option and refused his offer at least.

    The game starts off with you working for a big corporation and quitting your job to start your own company. You meet up with James Snipp (a copy from Clippy, the old windows tip paperclip) and he gives you e brief intro to the story and what to do. Then you get set on your adventure and are kinda left to figure out most things by yourself.

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    The gameplay has a lot of elements in it from Game Dev Tycoon from 2013 and improves on that concept by adding more things like marketing, feature revisions, character statistics, traits, and furniture that you can get to improve the statistics as well.

    There are only a few things that got kinda annoying after a while. When you have gotten a score for a feature you can do a “Post-Mortem” this lets you see where you need to put in more points to get a higher score, the only problem with it is that it only saves the 1st review you do, so if you revise the feature and still haven’t gotten a 10 you will need to take a screenshot so remember those settings.

    There is very little explanation on how the marketing works, its a nice thing to do because it raises the overall userbase but there isn’t really given an intro to how it works and why you need to do some of these things. The game lets you figure out a lot by yourself but it would have been nice to have at least a little explanation on how to improve your playstyle.

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    The graphics in the game are really cool and colorful. It has a pixel style that perfectly fits with how the game works but even with the pixel style there is so much detail in everything. It gives the game a great feel and never makes the game feel boring because of how colorful it is.

    The theme music is also nice for the 1st hour, but after that, it gets kinda annoying to hear the same song over and over and over again, the same thing with the sound effects, I felt like there where only 4 different sound effects that had 0 variations in them.

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    Sadly the game lacked a lot in story. There was a story, but it doesn’t really give you the drive to continue. After a part where you do an album launch (something pretty early in the game), it just stops for the most part.

    You get introduced to investors and competitors but they don’t really have an end to them. When the investor goals are done you just get some money and that’s it. With the competitors, you get a small talk with them when they get to 5% market share but they still do stuff that impacts your game like trying to steal employees even when they hit 0%, there isn’t really an end to them, it would be nice to have a definitive ending to those things with a story attached to it.

    There are multiple retirement options you can get to give the game an end but there are a lot of hours in between that and the album launch party. But I did like trying to get the highest retirement option, it gives you a bit more reason to play but there isn’t really an end game, after you are able to get that option there is no real need to play more and get everything to a 10.0.


    There might not be a story, but the game itself is very enjoyable, after you get a retirement it deletes your save but it keeps your retirement cutscene, so you can keep playing to collect all of them, and even in the end after you get them all you can try and get every character to their highest stat and every feature to a 10.0 score.


    This is a fun game I would for sure to come back to every few months to play it a bit again. The gameplay is very fun for people that like this genre a bit but might seem boring long term for people the are big fans of the genre because it does have a bit of a point where there is nothing to do anymore. For the price, it is I would for sure say it’s worth trying it out just for those few hours of fun it does give.

    Startup Panic











    • Great gameplay
    • a lot of replay value


    • Not a lot of story
    • Confusing at the start
    • Not enough explainations


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