Sumatra: Fate of Yandi Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 1/10.
    Estimated time to Platinum: 1 – 3 Hours (Guide Dependant).
    Trophies: 25. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 7 / Silver 11 / Bronze 6 .
    Missable trophies: 5.
    Silver You Can Pet The Dog In, Silver Checkmate, Gold Where Have I Seen This Before?, Gold Password Accepted!, Gold Vista
    Glitched trophies: None.
    Difficulty related: None.
    Playthrough: –


    Welcome to the Sumatra: Fate of Yandi Trophy Guide!
    Play as Yandi in this Point and Click adventure, where you get lost in a forest after a terrible accident!
    Can you make it back home?


    Step 1: Finish the game while getting the missables
    All but five of the trophies come naturally in the game. There are 5 though that are missable. Be very careful about these, because the last missable is right at the end of the game! So it would suck to have to replay the entire game just to get the only one you missed. After this step, you’ll have the platinum!

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    You’ll be earning these trophies:
    Bronze Clocking In
    Bronze Satisfied Customer
    Silver You Can Pet The Dog In
    Silver Stepping Stone

    Bronze Quenched
    Bronze Blood Of The Dragon
    Silver A Sticky Mess
    Bronze Spotted
    Silver Spooked

    Bronze A New Source Secured
    Silver Family Reunited
    Silver Trust
    Gold Password Accepted!
    Silver Checkmate
    Silver Sound Engineer
    Silver Who Was That?
    Gold Reunited
    Silver Navigator
    Silver Roll Away The Stone
    Gold Where Have I Seen This Before?
    Gold Revelations
    Gold Flat As A Pancake

    Gold Vista
    Gold The End
    40-platinum Fate

    Text Walkthough:

    This is a text walkthrough for the entire game! I listed spots where it would be handy to save, only because of all the work you’ve done up to those points! But it’s all up to you. I’ve also listed where the trophies will pop as you play through the game!

    • Enter the building Bronze Clocking In
    • Talk to Bandan
    • Open inventory by moving cursor to the top of the screen, and use hooks on the log
    • Save your game!
    • Pick up Radio
    • Walk to the right, until you see a Vine.
    • Take the Vine
    • Interact with footprints
    • Go right to a new screen
    • Go right until you see a Tiger
    • Interact with Reed’s
    • Interact with the stick just to the left of the reeds (it’s very tiny to see)
    • Combine the vine and stick
    • Go left to the other screen
    • Go left and use reed on strange log
    • Go right to the other screen. Use vine and stick on the bush
    • Use the termites in a leaf on the trap
    • Interact with the bush
    • Interact with the trap twice. Once to get the bird, once to pick the trap back up.
    • Go right and use the bird with the tiger Bronze Satisfied Customer
    • Get metal object out of mud
    • Combine trap and metal object
    • Use your new axe on the tree
    • Walk right to a new area
    • Save your game!
    • Keep walking right
    • Interact with the basket to get the vegetable
    • Use vegetable on cardboard hole up top
    • Interact with foliage on the right
    • Exit the cave
    • Interact with a bird
    • Go right through the exit to another area
    • Exhaust all of Kevin’s conversation
    • Go through the right side exit again
    • Go up, then right
    • Interact with the flower on the base of the tree
    • Go down, then right, then down, then right
    • Interact with the gate
    • Go left, then up, then left until you reach the village again
    • Talk to Kevin about your axe and regaining trust
    • Talk to everyone in the village
    • Get the water bottle that’s just to the right of Tija, sitting all alone on the ground
    • Save your game!
    • Take the bottom exit to the river
    • Use Plastic Bottle on the river
    • Go up to the village
    • Use Plastic Bottle on Tija
    • Pet Mungil Silver You can pet the dog in
    • Take exit to the left twice, until you see a river
    • After the dialogue, go up twice
    • Grab the pink rag
    • Take the right exit
    • Grab the newspaper
    • Grab the shovel
    • Use the shovel on the box
    • interact with the box
    • Use the tape on the plastic bottle
    • Now go left, then down, then down
    • Interact with the waterfall twice to go inside
    • Use the shovel on the rocks
    • Interact with the the right mound to see a turtle
    • Interact with the left mound twice to get an egg
    • Go in the hole
    • Interact with the figure
    • Leave the cave
    • Go down
    • Use Plastic Bottle on the water
    • Use shovel on the dam
    • Now go down
    • Jump on the rock
    • Use egg on the lily pad then quickly interact with the turtle! Silver Stepping Stone
    • Interact with the Rattan plant
    • Interact with the pink flower next to the tree
    • Now exit to the right
    • Interact with the tree
    • Now go up, then right, then down
    • Interact with fruit bush
    • Now go up twice, then right
    • Use Plastic Bottle on Tija Bronze Quenched
    • Use Brown Fruit with Melekat
    • Use Dragon’s Blood with Sumping Bronze Blood Of The Dragon
    • Use the newspaper on the drying line
    • Now exit the area and come back
    • Interact with drying line
    • Save your game!
    • Now exit to the right three times
    • Get the frond off the ground 
    • Go down twice
    • Use the gemstone on the man
    • Now go up twice and go into the cave
    • Walk right to find sticks
    • Pick up the sticks
    • Now leave the cave to the left
    • Now go left, then up, then right
    • Use newspaper on burnt area
    • Use rag on burnt area
    • Use sticks on burnt area
    • Use lighter on burnt area
    • Use frond on burnt area
    • Interact with the beehive Silver A Sticky Mess
    • Now go left, then down, then right, and enter the cave
    • Go to the hole and use the plastic bottle with it. Now use the nut butter
    • Combine the plastic bottle and nut butter
    • Use the bottle on the hole
    • Go right all the way through the exit
    • Interact with the log
    • Use honey on the bears Bronze Spotted
    • Now go left out of the cave, and follow the boy
    • Interact with the huge tree
    • Use the Fetish on the ledge
    • Go left to follow the monkey to the smelly plants
    • Go down, then left
    • Talk to Kevin and ask about plants, and ask about the smelly plants 
    • Go left, then down, then down
    • Use the mouse on the elephant Silver Spooked
    • Go down
    • Interact with the dung
    • Interact with the yams
    • Go up three times, then right
    • Use Wild Yam with Nyorak Bronze A New Source Secured
    • Use Tapir Dung with Melekat
    • Use Orchid with Melekat
    • Save your game!
    • Go right, then up, then left
    • Interact with the doll
    • Go right, then down, then left Silver Family Reunited, Silver Trust
    • Go right
    • Use axe on the lock
    • Interact with the door until you enter
    • Interact with the top left drawer of the desk
    • Interact with the petrol can on the shelf
    • Interact with the toolbox
    • Get the Dictaphone on the top of the bed
    • Combine the cassette tape and the Dictaphone
    • Leave the building
    • Use the wrench on the generator
    • Use petrol can on the generator
    • Interact with the generator
    • Enter the building
    • SAVE YOUR GAME! As if you fail this puzzle, the game has a high chance of crashing! Maybe even crashing your system!
    • Now interact with the computer and hit when the on-screen keyboard comes up. You’ll be on a green screen. When the keyboard comes back up, type in “OMBAK“, and you should get through! Gold Password accepted!
    • Look at Emails, and find the one titled “re:code”
    • Exit the computer from the bottom right
    • Interact with trapdoor on floor
    • Put in code, which should be 1283
    • Interact with the lamp right next to you
    • Go right to the exit
    • Interact with the lamp (you may be blocking it)
    • Interact with the rope
    • Go right to the exit
    • Exit from the cave
    • Walk to the right to the next map
    • Walk right to the next map again
    • Walk right to fall off the hillside
    • Interact with the front door
    • Walk right
    • Use the shovel on the backpack
    • Interact with the backpack
    • Look at the chess set with ! Not ! Silver Checkmate
    • Use tent pegs with the rock face to the right, twice.
    • Interact with tent pegs in the rock
    • Exit to the top right twice, then down, then right
    • Walk close to the Dhole, and have it chase you
    • Use dictaphone on the Dhole before it runs Silver Sound Engineer
    • Go left, then up
    • Interact with Berry Bush
    • Use Dictaphone on Berry Bush
    • Now go down, then right, then right, then down
    • Save your game
    • Interact with the book
    • Interact with the tent
    • Interact with pouch
    • Interact with the bottle
    • Interact with the folder
    • Go down
    • Use axe on the tree
    • Use wine bottle on the fresh sap
    • Combine the wine bottle and the cork
    • Now go up, then right
    • Interact with the base of the tree with the broken bits
    • Interact with the camera and select “look at camera”
    • Use the wine bottle on the SD Card slot
    • Use SD card with the SD Card slot
    • Now exit, and interact with the camera again
    • Look at screen
    • Press the power button in the bottom right
    • Now press the right arrow until you get to a certain scene Silver Who Was That?
    • Now exit the camera
    • Go down
    • Interact with the river
    • Exit to the right two times
    • Interact with a rock Gold Reunited
    • Long dialogue scene
    • Use the needle on the Hide
    • Combine the needle with the cork
    • Exit to the right
    • Use the shovel handle with the vine
    • Interact with the vine again
    • Exit downwards
    • Use the vine on the tree branch
    • Use cork with needle on the pitcher plant Silver Navigator
    • Now you have the ability to play as Ramdan and Yandi
    • Save your game
    • Switch to Ramdan through the inventory
    • As Ramdan, go right
    • Interact with rocky ground
    • Interact with rock
    • Go right
    • Interact with smashed fruit
    • Go left
    • Use greasy fruit flesh on the rock
    • Interact with the rock
    • Go right
    • Use scarf on the tree
    • Go right
    • Interact with the bird
    • Go left
    • Interact with fruit
    • Go left twice
    • Use strange fruit on hole
    • Switch to Yandi through the inventory
    • Interact with fruit
    • Use the axe on strange fruit
    • Throw greasy fruit flesh through the hole
    • Switch to Ramdan
    • Interact with fruit
    • Go right
    • Use greasy fruit flesh on rocky ground
    • Interact with the rock Silver Roll Away The Stone
    • Interact with entrance
    • Talk to Ramdan and ask for help
    • Go right twice
    • Interact with the helmet
    • Go right again
    • Save your game!
    • Go right and interact with the puppet to the right of the door of the right building Gold Where Have I Seen This Before?
    • Go left to the other building and interact with the bucket right beside the door
    • Use Key on the door and enter building
    • Go up the ladder
    • Interact with the bottom right drawer
    • Interact with the bottom left drawer
    • Interact with the paper on the right side of the desk
    • Interact with radio
    • Interact with the white board
    • Interact with the safe and use code 2902 Gold Revelations
    • Go right four times
    • Interact with the top left rock
    • Use hand mirror on shaft of sunlight
    • Interact with the top left rock
    • Run between the left and right rock until the mossy rock collapses Gold Flat As A Pancake
    • Interact with cave entrance
    • Go right until you exit the map
    • Use axe on Vine
    • Interact with drawings
    • Interact with stones
    • Interact with the exit
    • Interact with fire remains
    • Walk to the right the the cliff edge Gold Vista
    • Go back in the cave and Interact with the bedding
    • Walk around until the radio works
    • Interact with front door
    • Exit the cave
    • Go right
    • Go back into the cave
    • Interact with front door
    • Keeping pressing to advance dialogueGold The End, 40-platinum Fate

    Video Walkthrough:

    There’s also a handy video by BipolarBliss right here!

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    Trophy Guide:

    Platinum Trophy

    Collect all other trophies.

    Clocking in
    Another day in paradise!

    This trophy unlocks right as you enter the building at the beginning of the game!

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    Satisfied customer
    A feathery meal for our feline friend

    This will unlock once you get the bird, and give it to the tiger in the jungle!

    Tija has her water

    Once you finish the request for Tija and give her a bottle of water, this is yours.

    A new source secured
    Nyorak has her wild yam

    Once you finish the request for Nyorak, which is finding her a field of yams, this trophy is yours.

    Blood of the Dragon
    Melekat and Sumping can now make their red dye

    When you find the Rattan fruit and bring it back to Melekat and Sumping, this will unlock.

    The missing boy hasbeen spotted

    When you give the Sun Bears a Honeycomb, you’ll see a missing child, and this trophy will unlock!

    Family Reunitedupscale-245262160018212
    The boy is lost no more

    Once you get  the little boys doll from the Monkeys and the Corpse Flowers, this trophy is yours!

    David vs Goliath!

    When you get the Mouse from the cave, take it back to the Elephant and use it. The Elephant will run away and you’ll get this trophy.

    A sticky messupscale-245262160018212
    Some honey has been gathered

    This will unlock once you get the honeycomb from the beehive, so you can save the little lost child.

    Stepping stoneupscale-245262160018212
    A new way to hop!

    This trophy will unlock once you get across the river by jumping on the turtle, so that you can finally get the Rattan Fruit!

    Yandi has been trusted with the return of his axe

    After you finish the request for all of the villagers at the beginning of the game, this trophy will be yours!

    You can pet the dog in Sumatra Fate of Yandiupscale-245262160018212
    Who’s a good boy?

    This is missable!
    In the village in the forest, there is a dog. You never have to interact with it! Make sure you do though or else you won’t pet it, and you won’t get this trophy.

    Sound engineerupscale-245262160018212
    Maybe Yandi can think about a new career

    This trophy will unlock once you get the sound recording of the Dhole, so that you can finally eat the red berries from the bush!

    A poignant discovery

    This is missable!
    When you fall down the cliffside and see a dead body, there will be a chess set on the ground. INTERACT WITH IT WITH ! If you use to interact with it, you will not get this trophy.

    Who was that?upscale-245262160018212
    The flashing glimpse of a friend

    Once you get the camera working in the forest, this trophy will unlock for you, then you can swim across the river!

    Incredible ingenuity!

    Once you craft a compass, so you can find your way out of the forest, this trophy is yours!

    Roll away the stoneupscale-245262160018212
    A little grease goes a long way

    When you are switching between Ramdan and Yandi to get Yandi out of the hole, this will unlock once Yandi is safe and free at last!

    Where have I seen this before?Gold
    A familiar friend…

    This is missable!
    In the area when Yandi and Ramdan find a camp, and you have to find keys for a truck, walk to the right side of the screen. There will be a doll on the ground near the door Ramdan went in. Interact with it with !

    Yandi uncovers a huge scandal

    This will unlock once you open the safe to get the truck keys and radio batteries! Then you uncover the dangerous plot!

    Flat as a pancakeGold
    I think he deserved it for what he did

    At the end of the game, when you’re running up the hill from the man shooting at you, you’ll need him to hit the mossy rock with bullets. Once you do, the rock will roll down and you’ll get this trophy!

    Password accepted!Gold
    She really likes orangutans

    I’m marking this as missable because if you just skip the computer and go in the trap door, you can’t go back! Once you get your axe and get through the fence, you’ll be in a building! Power up the generator and use the password “OMBAK” on the computer and this trophy is yours.

    A view of destruction

    This is missable!
    At the end of the game when you’re on the cliff, you have to walk all the way to the right side, and stand at the edge to look out at the land!

    The EndGold
    You have completed Sumatra: Fate of Yandi

    This will unlock once you beat the game.

    A touching moment

    Once Yandi and Ramdan finally get together, this trophy is yours!


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