Super Mario RPG Review (2023)

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    Super Mario RPG is back with a remaster almost exactly like the original from 1996. Here is our Super Mario RPG Review.

    The game was developed by ArtePiazza and published by Nintendo, it was released on November 17, 2023, for the Nintendo Switch.

    Return to the Mushroom Kingdom in its 1996 glory in this near-perfect remaster of Super Mario RPG. The game is almost a 1-to-1 remake of the original with graphics for today’s standards. The story is about Mario trying to save Peach again (figures) from Bowser, but randomly a massive sword comes down, and a brand new adventure starts. Unlike most Mario games, somewhere in the game, Bowser will realize Mario needs his help to both save Peach but also to get rid of the new enemy to get his castle back.

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    During your adventure, you will meet some new friends like Mellow and Geno who will join your party with Peach and Bowser, both have their own reason to join but Geno has a special one that is the main driving force of the story, he is in the Kingdom to get back 7 stars to repair the rainbow bridge. The bridge is the reason wishes come true in the world, and with it broken, none of the wishes can come true. Mellow joins to find his parents, but also that has some connections to the main story being told.

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    I love the new characters and enemies, but Geno kinda feels like he is just there at times and the main focus is more on Mellow while Geno should have been the most important focus in my opinion, besides his introduction, he doesn’t really get many lines or comes up much. It does make up a bit in his combat power making him a must-have in your end-game party.

    There are fully animated cutscenes, but for some reason, they decided to go with subtitles for those instead of some voice acting. It makes it feel a bit awkward at times but nothing really that hinders the experience, but I do miss voices in the game a bit personally. The general visuals are also just perfect, it feels like the original from what ive seen but makes it feel so modern at the same time

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    The gameplay is like a typical Square Enix JRPG from that time with its turn-based combat, but you can do more damage when you press A at the right time and it also hits all the other enemies on the field as well, a fun mechanic but it can be a bit hard at times because after doing it correctly a few times in a row the indicator disappears and you need to do it on feeling and other visual cues, same goes for defending but that’s even harder due to all the different enemies and attacks there are.

    There are also a bunch of new and original bosses, powers, and ultimate attacks that will blow you away with how different it is from the usual Mario games and will make you beg for more. Sadly Luigi is not really in the game other then a small cameo in the wish world and in the credits, but all the new characters and enemies sure do makes up for it.

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    A near perfect remake that makes me want more.

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    A near perfect remake that makes me want more.Super Mario RPG Review (2023)