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    Superliminal is a puzzle game, released in 2019 on PC by Pillow Castle. Later being ported to systems in July 2020.


    The game takes place in a dream therapy program. This is used to help people work their way through things causing them problems in life. Unfortunately for you, you get stuck in a dream loop. As you try to get out, your dreams start getting wild and wacky! The dialogue is funny in the game, and it always kept me laughing when it played.

    Unfortunately, there’s not much in the way of story telling. The game is more about it’s gameplay. But we’ll get there. Unfortunately, you play a mute character. There’s no interaction with other characters, and there’s no growth anywhere to see. But, the dialogue, as I said, keeps it’s funny, when it’s there.

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    Now this is where the game shines. The game is a puzzle game that’s all about perspective. So you can turn a tiny object big by putting it against something far away, or make a big item tiny by putting it at your feet. The game is also very linear. There was no real puzzle that stumped me, which felt great! I mean there was one or two, but other than that, I felt the solutions were noticable right away!

    There are 9 levels to play through, though it felt more like 8, as the final level was just a walking level. There were no puzzles in it, but it was nice way to end the game. There’s even a level that caused me to be generally scared. I was frightened the whole way. Sure this is a run and hide game like Outlast, and there’s no enemies what so ever, but it worked! There was a spot where a hand print was on a door. As I walked towards it and inspected it, the door slammed and caused me to jump. It was a great atmosphere!

    Some levels try to do different things, but at the end of the day, they’re all basically the game. Get to a door, by making items large, move forward. It was fun, with one or two shakeups, but I do wish I was a bit different now and again.

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    The graphics actually work great in the game! I expected some hickups with how items change size, or some texture pop in, but it all looked great! But it does suck that just about every room had the same paint job. If you weren’t in a brick warehouse looking spot, in the dark, you were in a generic looking hotel hallway. Red carpet, red and white walls. There was no real deviation in it all.


    There’s not much here to replay for. You can speedrun it, or grab the hundreds of collectibles, but other than that, there’s nothing. No new modes, no puzzle randomization, no unlockables. It’s all the same.

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    Now, I know I’ve never necessarily talked about the trophies of a game, but these trophies killed the game. If you come for the trophies, be prepared for nothing but misery. With nothing but collectibles, all day long. There’s are a few funny vague ones, but other than that, nothing. Now these collectibles are just all hidden like mad. Trying to find them legit, made me actually quit. Then the speedrun trophy is a nightmare. A puzzle took a few seconds too long, or you forgot the solution? You’re screwed. I think a games trophy should help make it better and get you to do silly things. Especially in puzzles games. But these were awful.

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    • Fun Puzzles
    • Terrifying Part
    • Great perspective gameplay


    • Awful trophies
    • Same looking areas



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