Sword and Fairy 6 Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 3/10
    Estimated time to platinum/100%: 44 – 46 hours
    Missable trophies: Silver Got Your Back,
    Gold Jianghu Walker, Silver Scorpion Hunter,
    Silver Shock of Heavens

    Glitched trophies: None
    difficulty related: None
    Playthrough: 2


    Welcome to the Sword and Fairy 6 Trophy Guide! Sword and Fairy 6 is a JRPG set in a Chinese world. Now it’s time to stop the Risen Soul Cult and bring peace across the land. With superb music, story and characters, this is a must play! Also, easy trophies!


    Step 1: Enjoy the Game and be Mindful of Missable Trophies

    During this stage, play and enjoy the game on any difficulty you want and be mindful of the missables. You will earn a bunch of this trophies in this step, and maybe even the platinum. But if you miss something, there is NG+ where you can carry everything over! Be mindful that the strategies for the bosses are written for Easy mode, as to fast track the game and the platinum time. Some bosses may exhibit different attacks and behaviour on higher difficulties!

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    For the scout points, there are some that are in very obvious places that are easy to get to. The ones that are tougher to get to have a written description to make it a little easier. You can always go back to locations later on in the game to get stuff you haven’t acquired yet if you miss something.

    You’ll be earning these trophies:

    Gold Veteran
    Bronze Just a Taste
    Gold Jianghu Walker
    Silver Alchemy Master
    Silver Zero Defense
    Gold Chakra Master
    Bronze Lone Wolf
    Bronze Together
    Silver Scorpion Hunter
    Silver Got Your Back
    Silver Shock of Heavens
    Bronze Greedy to the Last
    Bronze Self-Judgment
    Bronze Nightmare Awakening
    Bronze Dragonslayer
    Bronze Master of the Jungle
    Bronze Honor in Defeat
    Bronze Heavy Metal Heart
    Bronze Mecha Buster
    Bronze This Again?
    Bronze Out With the Old
    Bronze Wipe the Floor
    Bronze Get Back Up
    Bronze Many Against One
    Bronze Want Some More?
    Bronze King of Seahorses
    Bronze Conqueror of Worlds
    Bronze Mechanist Master
    Bronze Secret Discovery
    Bronze Mecha Master
    Bronze Jungle Machete
    Bronze Quick Feet
    Bronze Heart of a Bodhisattva
    Bronze View over Jiangnan
    Bronze Watcher of House Luo
    Bronze Light of Yinghui
    Bronze Sunset Smoke
    Bronze Sky over Worlds Core
    Bronze Mangwan Explorer
    Bronze Immortal Yuqing
    Bronze Boundless Seas
    Bronze Mountain Deep
    Bronze Encore

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    Step 2: New Game+

    This stage may or may not be needed at all. If you didn’t level enough or get enough recipes for 20 different items, this is where you’ll get them. Luckily, without the cutscenes the game is very very short. By the time this stage is done, you should have the platinum.

    During this step you’ll earn these trophies:

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    Silver Journeyman
    40-platinum Chinese Paladin

    Tips and Strategies

    This section will be dedicated to some things to be mindful of or that may help throughout the game:

    • Search every corner! You need items and runes to create new ones for 20 different items crafted!
    • Use Yue Jinzhaos Sticky Finger skill on EVERY boss. Some give you Runes. It shouldn’t take more than 3 tries to know if they have a rune or not.
    • To change a characters skillset, open the pause menu using and go to the “Queue” menu. Then highlight the character and hit . While in battle, you can hit  and  to change skillsets mid battle, but those do not stay! They revert back to whats selected in the “Queue” menu after battle.
    • SAVE OFTEN! This is very important. There is no autosave. If you die in battle, you go back to the main menu. The game is also buggy, so something could happen and freeze the game! 
    • NEVER TOUCH THE TOUCHPAD (Touch Pad) IN A MENU! This is a bad idea. This is the biggest issue to causing the game to mess up. If you hit the touchpad, even swiping it in a menu, the game will most likely bug out and make it so you have to close it, causing lost progress.
    • Always have a healer in the party. Yue Jinzhao or Ming Xiu are healers. 
    • Use whatever battle strategies you want. If you keep the strategy to “Prioritize Regeneration” though, you will never die.
    • Use Souls often! Souls are upgrade points for your character. They will cap out at 9,999 and not go higher, making you miss out on some.
    • Be prepared for hours of cutscenes. Most cutscenes only last 10 minutes, letting you save before the next one. But series of cutscenes can go for hours at a time. You can skip any cutscene you want by pressing  when it starts. In the top right corner, a countdown will go from 10 to 0. When it hits 0, the cutscene will skip, or you’ll miss your chance to skip said cutscene. There’s also no way to pause a cutscene either.

    Trophy Guide:

    Chinese Paladin
    Unlock all other trophies
    Veteran Gold
    Win 100 battles.

    This trophy is as easy as it sounds. While playing through the game, you will easily complete more than 100 fights. After you win your 100th fight, the trophy will unlock.

    Just a Taste
    Use charged attack once.

    This trophy requires you to do a charged attack once. When you’re in the Jincui River area and see some cutscenes, you’ll then gain the ability to use charged attacks. When in combat, press  then press  to confirm the move and enemy you wanna hit with the attack. Once the attack starts, the trophy will unlock.

    Jianghu Walker Gold
    Learn all skills.


    Getting this trophy requires you to learn all the skills for all 6 characters. This trophy can be a grind depending on how you play the game. If you battle every enemy you see, you should have no problem getting this by the end of the game. If you skip some fights, you’ll need to grind this out. This is also missable, only because near the end of the game, a character becomes unavailable which would require you to play on NG+ until all the characters meet up. Luckily, whether a character is in your team or not, they level up. So they could not be part of the story, and leave at level 32. When you get them back, they could be level 40 with the rest of your team. All the skills are learned automatically when leveling up. Every character except for Yue Jinzhao learns all their skills at level 55. Yue Jinzhao learns his last skill at level 61. Once you learn all skills, the trophy will unlock.

    Journeyman upscale-245262160018212
    Combine 20 items.

    This trophy is similar to the other item combining trophy, yet a little different. For this trophy, you have to combine 20 DIFFERENT items for it to unlock. You won’t be able to get this one until pretty late in the game. Items are found by opening treasures chests in dungeon areas and towns, so explore as much as you can. By using Yue Jinzhaos “Sticky Fingers” skill against bosses, you can steal runes as well, which are needed. In total there are 38 items that you can make. 

    Now here’s why this trophy will take a while, unfortunately you don’t learn recipes until you have all the needed items. But by exploring for items and stealing runes from bosses, you should have 20 different recipes available by late game. Just DONT SELL any items or Runes at all, especially Runes. You need Runes to be able to craft other Runes. It’s all rather annoying. Luckily there is a NG+ and everything carries over, so if you miss this on your first playthrough, you can keep gathering runes to get enough recipes! Plus without the cutscenes, and without fighting enemies, except for bosses, the quite short.

    Make sure you don’t craft anything until you can make 20 items right away! Progress for the trophy doesn’t seem to transfer over to NG+, but all your items do!

    After making 20 different items, the trophy will unlock. Refer to Silver Alchemy Master for information about combing items. After making 20 different items, this trophy will unlock.

    Alchemy Master upscale-245262160018212
    Combine 50 times.

    For this trophy to be unlocked, you have to combine items 50 times. In order to combine items, you have to enter the pause menu with  and go to the “Combine” menu. Once you have the correct amount of items, you can combine them to make a different item. The items you need, are listed under the item that’s created, as “Materials”. Simply combine items 50 times to get this trophy.

    Zero Defense upscale-245262160018212
    Successfully complete a surprise attack 50 times.

    To get this trophy, you have to complete 50 surprise attacks on enemies in the field. This is way easier than it sounds, and honestly, it’s something that should be done all game to initiate every fight. When you start walking towards enemies, a red circle will appear above them. To do a surprise attack, all you have to do is push . The benefits to this, are they you take about 1/4 of the enemies HP away before even starting the fight. That’s why this should be done throughout the entire game. After you do 50 surprise attacks, the trophy will unlock.

    Never Give Up upscale-245262160018212
    Rematch 10 times.

    This trophy requires you to Rematch against enemies 10 times. Unfortunately you can only rematch against bosses, as if you die against normal enemies, you will have a game over and be sent back to the main menu. This can either be your first or last trophy. You can either die 10 times against the first boss on your first playthrough, or wait until you beat the game and start on hard to die faster. Once you get to the first boss, make sure to switch your strategy to “Prioritize Defence” by pressing  and make sure you are also controlling Yue Jinzhao or switch his skillset, or else he will heal everyone as you’re taking damage. When you die to a boss, you have three choices to make, either “Rematch”, “Resupply & Rematch” or “Return to Title”. After rematching against bosses 10 times, the trophy will unlock.

    Note: This will not unlock unlock if you try and rematch Gu Hanjiang during his martial arts practice during the story.

    Chakra Master Gold
    Complete all the Spirit Pulses for 1 character.

    To be able to get this trophy, you have to buy all the upgrades for one character, under the “Meridian” section of the pause menu. After each battle you get “souls” which are used to buy upgrades. Chances are Yue Jinzhao will be the one you get this trophy with, as he’s around the most throughout the game. There are 3 branches in the Meridian menu, and they each have their own specific categories of upgrades. To switch which branch you’re viewing, you must press . The branches and their stat focuses are as follows:

    Red Branch: This branch focuses mostly on Strength and Magic.
    Yellow Branch: This branch focuses on Constitution (HP) and Luck.
    Blue Branch: This branch focuses on Speed and Luck.

    Each branch costs the same.amount of souls to upgrade fully. To get all upgrades, you need a total of 26,055 Souls. After you unlock every upgrade, the trophy will unlock.

    Lone Wolf
    Complete a battle using only 1 character.

    In order to get this trophy, you must complete a battle using only one character. This trophy is unmissable as you fight the opening battle of the game using only 1 character. After you win, the trophy will unlock.

    Use only Yue Jinzhao and Yue Qi to complete 10 battles.

    For this trophy, you have to simply win 10 battles using only Yue Jinzhao and Yue Qi. These 2 characters are available right at the start of the game, so you can do this anytime really. First go into the party menu, which is the Queue menu in the pause screen, then switch either of the characters to the far left position of the party screen. One of them has to be in this position, it’s recommended that it be Yue Qi. The reason for this is because it makes it a bit easier. When in battle, you can press  so the AI can focus on certain strategies. Change the strategy to “Prioritize Healing”. If you play as Yue Qi, then the AI, who is Yue Jinzhao, will focus on healing so you won’t ever die. After 10 battles, this trophy will pop.

    Scorpion Hunter upscale-245262160018212
    Destroy all Devil Scorpion parts.


    For this trophy to unlock, you have to destroy all the body parts of the Devil Scorpion, which is the boss at the end of the Fujin Shrine dungeon. There are 3 targetable parts, that being Devil Scorpion itself, and the Poison Pouch and Stinger. You must destroy the Poison Pouch and Stinger for the trophy to unlock. If you miss out and kill the boss before hand, you’ll need to reload a previous save and try again.

    This boss is super easy. There’s no real strategy at all. You can just sit back and mash until it’s dead.

    Once you destroy the body parts, the trophy will unlock.

    Got Your Back upscale-245262160018212
    Defeat the Crocjaw Giant Lizard, and destroy the wing and tail parts.


    The requirements for this trophy are pretty simple, you simply have to kill the boss and destroy.all it’s parts, in the Linyang Road area. Halfway through this area, there is a heal point, so be sure to save at this point. There will be a cutscene, and you will fight the 1st phase of this boss with two new characters. After doing some damage, a new cutscene will happen and your main party will meet up with the new characters. You then choose your party for the boss fight. This is where this trophy begins. The boss now has 3 target points. The main body, the Frilled Neck, and the Tail. You have to destroy the other body parts before killing the main body. If you don’t destroy the Boddy parts before the boss is dead, you’ll have to reload an earlier save and try again.

    Now this boss is harder than the bosses you’ve fought so far, so you can’t just mash  anymore and breeze through, even on easy. This boss deals damage fast and hard, so you’ll have to make sure you’re healing, along with having Yue Jinzhao heal as well. The boss has a chance of doing a move where it goes invisible. If it does, you can’t attack it. Use this opportunity to heal your party if you need too.

    After you destroy all the body parts and kill the boss, this trophy will unlock.

    Shock of Heavens upscale-245262160018212
    Defeat the Shock Ray, and destroy its Ball Lightning 5 times.


    To be able to unlock this trophy, you have to defeat the Shock Ray boss and destroy it’s Lightning Ball attack 5 times. This is a bit tougher than it sounds because the AI will just attack it until it dies, and the battle ends before it’s fully dead. This trophy is missable because if you kill the boss before destroying the lightning balls, you lose your chance and will have to reload an earlier save.

    What you wanna do is set Yue Jinzhao as your playable character and take the weapon off of Yue Qi. She doesn’t do a lot of damage as is, but she can still kill the boss before you destroy 5 balls. The boss deals little to no damage, so staying alive isn’t the hard part at all. Once the enemy spawns a lightning ball, now is the time to attack. Quickly destroy it and then go back to standing still and waiting for another ball to spawn, healing if you care to do so. Even on easy this could take a couple of tries to get.

    After you.destroy 5 Lightning Balls and kill the boss, the trophy will unlock.

    Greedy to the Last
    Defeat the Rainbow Flying Squirrel.

    This trophy requires you to defeat the Rainbow Flying Squirrel boss. This boss is at the end of the Jincui River area. After chasing it around the area, eventually it’ll cross a bridge. Upon crossing the bridge, the battle against it starts. There is nothing hard about this boss. So long as you leave the strategy on “Prioritize Regeneration”, or heal everyone if you’re controlling Yue Jinzhao, then this fight will be a cake walk. After defeating the cute, albeit deadly, Rainbow Flying Squirrel, the trophy will unlock!

    Defeat Overworld Judge.

    For this unlock, you have to beat the boss at the end of the Overworld area, who is the Overworld Judge. Now going through the Overworld is as easy as all other areas, except there’s a few parts where you have to control boats in the water. Each of these boats are annoying to control and you just keep paddling until you find the spot to dock them. To control them you have to continuously flick the Left Stick upwards (). You can turn them using the triggers, with turning the boat clockwise, and  turning the boat counter clockwise.

    After you make it through the area to a big square platform, this is where the boss is. Before fighting the boss, you want to make sure you are prepared. First, have Yue Jinzhao in your party, and his skillset set to Shadow Sip. Secondly, have Ming Xiu in your party as well, with her skillset set to Spirit Heal. For more information on how to switch skillsets, refer to Tips & Strategies.

    Now for the boss fight. You wanna make sure your strategy is set to “Prioritize Regeneration”, which can be seen on the left side of the screen and switched with . No matter the difficulty this can be a tough fight. The boss throws out alot of AoEs that do a lot of damage. The worst part of this boss fight is if your teammates get confused and start attacking each other, cuz they can kill each other fast. Luckily Ming Xiu has a revive skill and great healing abilities. The boss will sometimes summon 2 enemies that can deal damage and debuffs if you don’t kill them fast enough. When you see them, quickly dispatch of them. The main priority of this fight is to stay healed at all costs while slowly chipping away at the boss.

    Once the boss is dead, the trophy will unlock.

    Nightmare Awakening
    Defeat the Infernal Goat-Demon.

    The requirements for this trophy are met when you defeat the Infernal Goat Demon at the end of the Long River Village area. This fight is a bit rough unfortunately so you have to be prepared.

    First off, as usual, you want your strategy to be “Prioritize Regeneration”. Secondly, you want Yue Jinzhao and Ming Xiu in your party with their healing skillsets. Yue Jinzhao is Shadow Sip and MingXiu is Spirit Heal. For more information on how to switch your skill set, refer to Tips & Strategies.

    Now the boss is fairly easy in a sense that he doesn’t do much damage with standard attacks, and you may get lucky and not get hit with his worst attack. His worst attack on the other hand can be tough to come back from if you’re not prepared. The boss will do an attack where he will make a little cyclone of fire that will do damage over time to your entire party, and it does quite a bit of damage, very fast, and for quite a period of time. It can easily wipe 3/4 of your parties HP. But be prepared with healing. This is the only attack that can really mess up the boss fight.

    Once you defeat the boss, the trophy will unlock.

    Defeat Ying Long.

    This trophy requires you to defeat the dragon Ying Long, which is the boss at the end of Dragonfall Pit during your second time there. This is a long trophy with many parts so it will be broken down into a lot of steps.

    The first part of this boss fight, you’ll be running away from Ying Long doing an on rails dodging and shooting minigame, and this is broken up into 5 different parts. The first part is dodging, which just requires you to move the Left Stick () to dodge the bosses projectiles. Chances are you’ll get hit a lot, but it won’t really effect your health. Part two is a shooter, where you control the aimer with the Left Stick () and shoot the bosses attack from the sky using . Luckily you can just hold down to continuously shoot. Chances are you’ll get hit alot, again, but it’s nothing to worry about. The 3rd part is another dodging section, which goes quick. The 4th part is another shooting section, which also goes quick. Now the 5th part is where it gets annoying. It’s another dodging section, except with QTEs. The first one, which can fail you and put you all the way back to the beginning is the worst. Eventually Ying Long will shoot an attack at you and there will be a little skit of Yue Jinzhao saying how he needs to dodge a rock. This rock will come in from the top left and be highlighted in red. Mash  and hope it lets you avoid it. The rest of this section is just dodging attacks and pressing  now and again for another QTE.

    Now comes the boss fight itself. This fight is broken into 2 parts, the 1st part being the hardest. Ying Long has a lot of defense and has some terrible AoE skills and will spam an attack that instantly kills anyone it attacks. Be sure Ming Xiu is in your party to be able to revive anyone who dies, and slowly pick away at the boss. After his health hits the halfway point, the battle will end and a cutscene will appear.

    The second phase is super easy. Now his attacks barely do any damage and he takes a lot more damage. The only thing you have to be careful about is he may do his insta-death attack, but at this point, theres nothing to worry about. After you defeat him fully, the fight will end and the trophy will unlock.

    Master of the Jungle
    Defeat the Neon Feathered Elephant Bird

    This trophy is obtained at the end of the Poison Forest area, after you defeat the Neon Feathered Elephant Bird boss. Luckily this boss is very very easy. It doesn’t do a lot of damage and has low defense so there’s no real strategy to it at all. The only issue you may have is Yue Jinzhao not healing everyone fast enough, but even then there’s no worries because the boss isn’t strong enough to fully kill anyone before you heal them yourself.

    After you defeat the boss, the trophy will unlock!

    Honor in Defeat
    Complete practice with Gu Hanjiang.

    In order to obtain this trophy, you have to complete martial arts training with Gu Hanjiang in Yuqing Mountain. Now there’s a few this that must be known about this part. It’s a QTE section, and it’s super laggy, so it may take many, many attempts to do.

    What you have to do, is draw lines on the screen, similar to the Charged attacks if you’ve used them before, except these don’t register properly. If you wait until the line appears on the screen, you’ve already lost. So what you have to do, is use the Left Stick () to draw the lines that appear on screen. Except here’s the thing, you HAVE to hold your left stick in the correct position as the characters are talking. After each QTE, there will be another thing of dialogue, so you’ll have time to reposition the stick. The positions you have to put the stick are as follows:

    Bottom right (Left Stick: Down & Right), Right (Left Stick: Right), Bottom Right (Right Stick: Down & Right), Right (Left Stick: Right).

    If you did each position correctly, there will be an animation of swords being deflected, and after correctly doing 3-4 in a row, you’ll pass the section and get the trophy even if you fail the next QTE.

    Heavy Metal Heart
    Defeat Ge Qingfei.

    For this trophy to unlock, you must finish the boss battle against Ge Qingfei, at the end of the Suohe Mountain area. This boss fight is a little.tough for one reason, which is an instakill move.

    The boss fight itself is pretty simple. Ge does a fair amount of damage herself, but not enough to warrant any alarms. She also summon monsters, which are easy themselves so long as you focus on them when they spawn. If you don’t, she will spawn a lot so you’ll have multiple enemies attacking. Now there’s a chance she may not use her insta-kill attack, but if she does, theres a chance it could wipe out EVERYONE. So you’d have to restart the battle. It’s just luck that at least one survives if she uses it. She may not use it at all. If she doesn’t, the battle is a walk in the park.

    After you’ve taken away half her HP, the battle will end and the trophy will unlock.

    Mecha Buster
    Defeat Leafless Hills Blunt Axis.

    For you to get this trophy, you have to defeat the boss at the end of the Leafless Hills area, which is the Blunt Axis Machine. This boss is very simple, so there’s no real strategy to it. It does a lot of AoE attacks, but they don’t do a lot of damage to put you in any risk of danger. Once you defeat the boss, the trophy will then unlock.

    This Again?
    Defeat Worlds Core Blunt Axis.

    This trophy will unlock after you defeat the Blunt Axis at the World’s Core area. This happens after the Transient Crater dungeon.

    This time you fight the Blunt Axis, it is a little stronger. It has some attacks that can do a lot of damage at once, but nothing that will put you in any immediate danger. Your HP may get as low as 1/2, but there’s no reason for it to get below that if you have your strategy set to “Prioritize Regeneration”. Luckily the boss also falls very fast, so this battle doesn’t last long.

    After the fight, the trophy will unlock.

    Out With the Old
    Defeat Ben Chu.

    In order to unlock this trophy, you have to defeat the boss Ben Chu. After the events at Mangwan Wall, you’ll have to go back to Luo Manor for the 4th or 5th time, and while at Luo Manor, you’ll be thrown into a dungeon. At the end of this dungeon is Ben Chu.

    Now this boss fight is a little different than other boss fights. There’ll be points in the battle, where you’ll start controlling Beancurd, which is Ju Shifang’s bear, and you’ll be tasked to shoot the boss. If you’ve been playing attention, there are 5 glowing spots on the boss, one of each elbow, one on each foot, and the chest. When you control Beancurd, you have to shoot any of those. Start with the feet, then arms, then chest. You have to mash  to continuously shoot. Each time you damage these spots, the boss himself takes damage as well.

    As for the boss itself, once again, this is a super easy boss. There is no danger what so ever, and with the spots where you control Beancurd, this boss falls fast, so there’s no real strategy. After the boss dies, this trophy will unlock.

    Wipe the Floor
    Complete the fight with Ying Xuwei.

    This trophy will unlock once you finish the first fight against Ying Xuwei at the end of the Risen Soul Saints area.

    This boss fight isn’t your typical fight. You don’t have to diminish the health of the boss, but merely damage the boss and survive. This boss doesn’t do normal attacks, all his attacks are QTE events, where if you fail, you take damage, but it’s not a lot of damage. He has two attacks to make it a little easier. If he attacks with fire, which you will notice by all the red during his animation, you’ll have to move the Left Stick to the downwards left position (Left Stick: Down & Left). If he attacks you with ice, which you’ll notice by all the blue during his attack animation, youll have to move the Left Stick to the downwards right position (Left Stick: Down & Right).

    After enough time has passed and enough damage has been dealt, the battle will end and the trophy will unlock.

    Get Back Up
    Complete the second fight with Ying Xuwei.

    This trophy requires you to complete the second fight again Ying Xuwei. This take places at Jingan after the big events at Luo Manor. This fight is quite easy, just like the last time you fought him, and this time its pretty much the same

    There’s no real strategy here, once again. His attacks do minimal damage and even the new super attack that he will use against you doesn’t do anything at all to you damage wise. The only thing you have to do to win, is take out 1/4 of his health. Once you do that, the trophy will unlock and the fight will be over.

    Many Against One
    Complete the fight with Qili Xiaoyuan.

    To unlock this trophy, you have to finish the fight against the boss Qili Xiaoyuan. This boss fight takes place while you’re traversing through the Fengyan Station area.

    This fight is tough for two reasons. One is that you can’t kill the boss, so it’s an endurance test, and two, she has an AoE that does massive damage. You’ll have to make sure you’re still dealing damage while also making sure everyone is healed all at once. Even on easy, it’s a little tough only because of the AoE skill that the boss spams.

    After the boss has taken enough damage, the fight will end, and the trophy will unlock.

    Want Some More?
    Complete the second fight with Qili Xiaoyuan.

    This trophy requires you to finish the second fight again Qili Xiaoyuan at Mangwan Wall. This fight is yet another endurance test rather than a full blown battle of killing the boss.

    This time around, Qili Xiaoyuan doesn’t hit nearly as hard as the last time you fought her, but her defense is through the roof, so this will be a slow fight. There’s no attacks that she has that can cause you any harm at all though, so staying alive is very easy. The only annoying attack she has, is that she will jump in the air and cause a QTE to appear. This is always cleared the same way, by moving the Left Stick () to the right (Left Stick: Right) causing you to dodge any damage you may take.

    After getting half of her health taken away from her, the fight will end, and the trophy will unlock.

    King of Seahorses
    Defeat Shuo Xuan and Lin Yuan.

    Getting this trophy requires you to defeat Shuo Xuan and Lin Yuan at the end of the Windless Plains area. Now this may sound difficult, but at this point, you should be well leveled up and there should be nothing about this battle that is difficult. You may not even see your health bars move, this battle is so easy. The bosses are also very very weak in terms of defense, so there’s no real strategy here. Just go all out and the battle will be done before you know it and the trophy will unlock.

    Conqueror of Worlds
    Defeat Zhu Yu.

    For this unlock, you have to fight Zhu Yu near the end of the Heart Of Darkness area. There is more game after this, and this isn’t technically the final boss, but it’s the final boss trophy. For this fight though there are two phases.

    Phase One:​ You play as Ming Xui and have a reticle that is used to aim projectiles at Zhu Yu. This portion can be annoying. You move the aimer with the Left Stick   and shoot with . This phase is annoying because you also have to destroy incoming projectiles while shooting at Zhu Yu as she’s moving around.

    Phase Two:​ This is where it gets easy. Just like the last boss fight, you shouldn’t have any issues here. The damage you receive is tiny, and you should do enough damage each time to take a serious chunk of HP each time. Just sit back and relax and mash if you desire to.

    At the end of this fight, the trophy will unlock, but there is a bit more story left! So make sure to beat the game!

    Mechanist Master
    Complete Yinma River unlock mini-game.

    In order to be able to get this trophy, you have to complete the mini-game at Yinma River to unlock a door. This happens during the story during your second visit to Yinma River. The minigame is a simple puzzle where you move blocks around to get light to go to a specific block.

    At the beginning of the minigame, you get a tutorial, but the controls are simple enough. Press   to select a brick, press to unselect the brick, and use the Left Stick () to move them around. The solution for this puzzle is easy. Move the two blank bricks to the middle at the bottom, then move each path brick to the bottom corners that they can go into. Once the minigame is completed, the trophy will unlock. 

    Secret Discovery
    Pass the main hall in the Langyin Pavilion labyrinth through the Secret Door.

    For this trophy to unlock, you have to find the secret door in Langyin Pavillion. This spot is very easy to find. After you start going through the dungeon, you’ll reach a door that requires you to pull a level to open it. After this door, on the left side of the hallway is the hidden door. It’s very easy to spot as well seen that it’s off colour from the rest of the wall. Once you interact with it using , it will open up. Simply go inside and through the passageway and the trophy will unlock once a little dialogue appears.

    Mecha Master
    Complete Leafless Hills unlock mini-game.

    To be able to get this trophy, you have to complete the Leafless Hills minigame, which is the same block puzzles that you’ve dealt with since Yinma River. For more information on how the controls for these puzzles, and how to finish them, refer to Bronze Mechanist Master.

    Now this puzzle is just a bit more complicated then any of the previous puzzles, but is still pretty simple. For a look at the solution, refer to the picture below. Once you have the puzzle complete, the trophy will unlock.

    Jungle Machete
    Cut all vines in the Poison Forest without failing once.

    This trophy requires you to complete three little minigames without failing once while in the Poison Forest area. In this area, you will come across 3 seperate things of vines that have to be cut away using Luo Zhaoyan, and playing a minigame. This minigame is kind of annoying for registering you doing it properly. You have 10 seconds to deplete the vines “health gauge”, which slowly regenerates. Slowly move the Left Stick () back and forth from the right (Left Stick: Right) and left (Left Stick: Left) without going too fast and there should be no problems with the minigame. Saving before you do the minigame is beneficial, because if you fail, you can instantly reload. If you do fail, you can always come back to the forest at a later time and try again. After finishing all 3 minigames without failing, the trophy will unlock.

    Quick Feet
    Pass the flying sword mechanism in Suohe Mountain in one go.

    For this trophy to unlock, you have to complete the end section of Suohe Mountain without falling. At the end, you’ll have to use Yue Jinzhao and his special ability. Make a save before you attempt this. There’s nothing that hard about this, but just incase you fall, you can reload your save.

    So you will have to go up 3 platforms at first, then jump back onto the mountain. Then there’s 2 spinning platforms. These are very, very annoying. Wait until they spin you the proper way, then jump to the next platforms. After this, you’ll have to use Jinzhaos special ability to go up 4 more platforms, and at the top, the trophy will then unlock.

    Heart of a Bodhisattva
    Donate 5 times in the White Tower Temple.

    In order to obtain this trophy, you have to make 5 donations to the White Tower Temple. This temple is located in Jingan, more specifically in the “True Martial Alliance” area, which is the 2nd area of Jingan. Once you get here, go towards the bottom right area of the map, towards the “Customize” shop. You will then come across a big square building with incense burning infront of it after you go up 3 sets.of stairs. Enter it and immediately to your right is a Monk. Talk to this character and make donations 5 times. Each donation is only 50 coins, so it’ll only cost 250 coins to get this trophy. After your 5th donation, the trophy will unlock.

    View over Jiangnan
    Complete one Jingan Scout Point.


    The requirements for this trophy require you to find and complete a scout point in Jingan. Scout points and in every town and area of the game and are usually placed up high and require you to jump to them. They are indicated by a yellow tornado with symbol in them. Luckily you can jump on just about everything to get to them.

    Unfortunately Jingan is a.massive town with many tall buildings, so finding a scout point can be hard. Lucky, there’s one relatively the entrance. As you first enter the town, a cutscene will play. After the cutscene is done and you regain control of your characters, look to the left of the entrance and you should see a cart with boxes in it and some wooden planks going onto the roof of a budding. Follow the two sets of planks upward and then jump onto the adjacent square tower building. Right ahead of you should be a rope with five red lanterns on it. Either slowly walk across the rope, or jump to each lantern. Once you reach the building across the rope, jump around to the back and you should see the scout point. Simply stand still in it for a few seconds to activate it and get the trophy.

    Watcher of House Luo
    Complete one Luo Manor Scout Point.


    For this trophy to unlock, you have to complete a scout point in Luo Manor. Scout points are little yellow tornados in each city and area of the game. They are usually placed up high, so you have to jump to them. Luckily you can jump on everything and even exit the confines of the minimap. Once you get to the scout point, you have to stand still for a few seconds to activate it. Once you activate one in Luo Manor, the trophy will unlock.

    Light of Yinghui
    Complete one Yinghui Keep Scout Point.


    To​ obtain this trophy, you must complete a scout point. Scout points are yellow tornado points in each city and area of the game. In Yinghui Keep, simply find a yellow scout point and get to it. You can jump on anything to get to one, and even go outside of the confines of the mini map. There are more than one. Once you reach one, activate it by standing still in the light, and the trophy will unlock.

    Sunset Smoke
    Complete one Sunset Tribe Scout Point.


    In order to get this trophy, you have to activate a scout point in the Sunset Tribe area. Scout points are little yellow tornado’s that are up high, and require jumping to get to, and are in every town and area of the game. This one is a little difficult compared to other areas. The scout point is on the north side of the village on a wooden gate. To get to it, you’ll have to make a few hard jumps and have patience. Jump onto the hut next to the gate, and then turn to face the gate. There are, what look like stone wheels, hanging off the gate. Jump to those and then quickly jump on top of the gate. Now slowly walk across the wooden beam to the point where you’re next to the scout point. One jump should get you on top of the post with the scout point. Once in it, stand still for a few seconds to activate it and unlock the trophy.

    Sky over Worlds Core
    Complete one Worlds Core Scout Point.


    To do this trophy, you must complete a scout point at the World’s Core. Scout points and in every area and town of the game, and are indicated by yellow tornados with a cat symbol inside them. Scout points are always high off the ground out of reach, but luckily you can jump on everything to try and get to them.

    The scout points in this area are a bit annoying, only because this area is broken up into two parts. When you’re tasked to go to your room in the World Core, go to your room, but before going into, go through the door near it to go outside. Once outside, you’ll see a big planet like statue that you can jump on. Get to the top and jump to the adjacent roof. Stand inside the scout point for a few.seconds to activate it and get the trophy.

    Mangwan Explorer
    Complete one Mangwan Wall Scout Point


    In order to be able to obtain this trophy, you have to complete a scout point in Mangwan Wall. Scout points are usually up high and out of reach, and require you to jump to them. They are indicated by a yellow tornado with a cat icon in them and they are in every town and area of the game.

    This area is a little more enclosed when compared to other towns in the game, but the scout point is also quite high up. In the middle of the town, there is a.big tower, and on the roof, there is the scout point. You can go around to a building that is connected to the tower with a bridge and easily jump on its roof, then jump onto the roof of the bridge, which is connected to the tower. After that you just have to jump on the roof of the tower and stand in the scout point to activate it and the trophy will unlock.

    Immortal Yuqing
    Complete one Yuqing Mountain Scout Point.


    This trophy requires you to complete a scout point in Yuqing Mountain. Scout points are yellow tornados with a cat icon in them are usually up high and need to be jumped too. Luckily you can jump on everything.

    There are 2 scout points in this area that are a little hard to see. One is one the west side of the area, on top of the mountain, and the other is in a tree on the east side infront of the house you wake up on. Both are easy to get too and shouldn’t pose any problems as there is no hard jumps to make. After getting to one, activate the scout point by standing still in the tornado for a few seconds, and the trophy will unlock.

    Boundless Seas
    Complete one Sky Beneath the Sea Scout Point.


    For this trophy to be obtained, you have to complete a scout point in the Sky Beneath The Sea. Scout points are in every city and area of the game and are yellow tornados with a cat icon inside them. They are usually up high and have to be jumped too, but being able to jump on everything makes it easier than it sounds.

    Unfortunately because this area is so big, the scout point is a little hard to find. On the north side of the map, you will find all the shops. Take the stairs, one floor up, and you’ll find yourself outside the shop building. Continue walking to the north side of the map and you’ll find yourself standing against a wall that forms a half circle. Look to your left and you should see a tower and the scout point. Simply jump to the tower and stand in the scout point to activate it.

    Once you activate the scout point, the trophy will unlock.

    Mountain Deep
    Complete one Wuyan Village Scout Point.


    To be able to get this trophy, you have to complete a scout point in Wuyan Village. Scout points are in every town and area of the game and are indicated by little yellow tornados with a cat symbol inside them. They’re usually all high up and require you to jump to them, but luckily you can jump on just about everything.

    As with a few of the scout point trophies, Wuyan Village has its scout points tucked away from plain sight. Luckily an easy one to get is up by the armor shop in the top right corner of the map. Simply look for the tallest building and jump up to it. Once you reach the scout point, stand in it for a few.seconds to activate it and unlock the trophy.

    Listen to “Love Song Prince” Miao Jinzhao.

    To be able to unlock this trophy you have to find a set of characters in Sunset Tribe. On the right side of the area, there is a straight path with plenty of houses lining it. If you take this path north, and fall of the cliff,  or jump over the rocks, you will see two cats that are dressed up to look like Yue Jinzhao and Yue Qi, and a sheep. Talk to the cats and they will ask you if you want them to sing you a song. You can either sit through the song or skip it right away as it’s starting. At the end of it, you will get a title and the trophy will unlock.


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