Tales of Arise Review

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    Tales of Arise is set in a brand new world in the “Tales of” universe where you play as the masked hero, who lost his memory and can’t feel any pain. Here is our Tales of Arise Review.

    The game was developed and published by Bandai Namco, it was released on September 10, 2021, for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

    Starting out as a masked slave, with his memories lost, you meet the resistance who are set to free the slaves and free the people from their alien overlords, but when you are finally free, the rest of the world also needs saving. During your adventure, you will meet several new allies who will help you and join your party, but not everything is as it seems because each area has its own evil overlord. It’s an amazing but very long story, but everything is woven together so well, that you just keep wanting more and more, and when you think you have reached the end… you seemingly are just halfway there and unlock a whole new type of story. I just love how long the game is, it felt like I was watching a long show where they expected it to get 1 season and had to tie everything up just for it to randomly get a 2nd season.

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    I loved almost every character, and when I didn’t, I got to love them pretty quickly afterward. Sure, not everything is perfect with the characters, but it has some amazing character development and the party members learn to work together and put their differences aside. The story has so many elements that wouldn’t work if the characters were not as well written as they are, they walk a very thin line that could have ended in a terrible story, but the developers and story writers managed to make it work perfectly

    Tales of Arise Review - Masked hero

    The gameplay is kind of comparable to Final Fantasy XV in its combat, but this world is a lot more linear, there are a lot of areas with splitting paths, but the game will always guide you towards 1 way and the open world is more of an illusion to give you spots to gather some stuff or to level up your characters. It’s a very simple game, something I didn’t expect due to how JRPGs normally work, but it’s a very nice game as a starter to get either into the genre or into the Tales games. All the Tales games are disconnected from each other for the most part, so you don’t have to worry about missing the context of things from previous games.

    It’s an anime game in a lot of ways, just without it actually being an anime, if you like those types of games, this is perfect for you, but even if you don’t, this game still scratches that RPG itch if you don’t care about the visual aspect. The visuals are just so perfect, each world represents its overlord in the most perfect way possible, and all the characters that matter have such a distinctive look that you just know you will see them at least more than once and could be important, especially the main party.

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    A perfect JRPG to get into for any anime fan, but also for people that just want to play a long RPG worth spending time on.

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    A perfect JRPG to get into for any anime fan, but also for people that just want to play a long RPG worth spending time on.Tales of Arise Review