Tales of Kenzera: ZAU Review

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    Looking for a comprehensive Tales Of Kenzera: ZAU Review? We’ve got you covered! A quest to reclaim what was taken, and to restore balance to a world without a hero. Here is our Tales Of Kenzera: ZAU Review.

    Every Story Starts at the End of Another…

    Stories, all stories, must come to an end. Zuberi, a young man in a big city is about to learn that just because one story ends it’s not just the end. Reading through his father’s manuscript, left to him to aid in helping him heal. Zuberi sinks into a story of a world that needs healing, and his character needs to be the one, not just to find his inner peace but to mend a world falling apart.


    The story starts off in a technological world where a young man, Zuberi, doesn’t know how to be after the loss of his father. Taking his mother’s advice, he starts reading a book that his father left for him, which is the story of a young shaman who is in the same situation. Out of desperation, the character in the story, Zau, summons Kalunga, who acts as death, it is from here the story begins.

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    Tales of Kenzera: ZAU Review

    The story revolves around the connection between Zau and Kalunga, which is a deal with Kalunga to return Zau’s father if Zau can restore balance by helping the great spirits. This is the main goal of the story, over 3 of the acts, the fourth and final act is a little different as it follows the conclusion of the deal and reveals what the player is designed to expect throughout the game, concluded by Zuberi.

    Overall the story of the game, in both cases, has several important messages, the main one being healing and coming to terms with loss. In this sense, it is not too dissimilar to “Lost Word: Beyond The Page“. The way the game plays out is very different, however and in some ways more exciting. The gameplay feels like it drives the progression forward, meaning it’s not totally narratively driven like Lost Word.

    Mechanics, Graphics, & Technical things

    Overall, I personally don’t tend to play these sorts of games as a bad experience put me off them, Side Scrollers I mean. Now, with Tales of Kenzera, I was pleasantly surprised as to how good it was. This goes double for the mechanics and how the game plays out. Although all you can do is go left or right, there is still a lot you can do in that simple locomotion.

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    For instance, you can switch between 2 attack styles, pass through wooden floors, and utilize other shaman abilities. The game is kept interesting by the enemy encounters, the need to adapt to different combat situations, and different floor heights, which when added together make the game feel fluid. It also makes the game feel less like a 2.5D Side Scroller and more like Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time (No I am deliberately ignoring the 2024 Lost Crown). It is hard to put into words, as it is more of a sense and feeling that the Developers convey to the player through the unfolding mechanical composition of the game. If words need to be used then it’s more of a “Cascading Waterfall”. The reason for this analysis is because of how chaotic the camera angle is compared to the fluidity of combat making it feel like the gamer is more “Down to Earth” in terms of gameplay.

    Graphically the game is a stylistic 2.5D Side Scroller which follows an almost cartoon-looking appearance. While stylistic covers a wide range, examples being the Darksiders series, Spiro The Dragon, and even Sea Of Thieves, Tales Of Kenzera follows a more Spiro The Dragon look. The reason we think this is because the other 2 mentioned games are a more hand-drawn stylistic approach, rather than what Spiro The Dragon is, which seems to represent Tales Of Kenzera best.

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    To Conclude this was a surprisingly fun adventure, which can be completed within 10 hours, or less. There is nothing really difficult about the game apart from the Parkour Style navigation within challenges, which unless you are a Trophy Hunter you could skip until you are better at them.

    The one thing that I found to be negligible within the game was the fact of limited exposure to enemies once passing back through an area. This isn’t a bad thing but I found that I could pass through entire areas of the game and not even see a single enemy to challenge me. This might have made navigation and traversal way faster but on the other side, it made it feel longer than it should to travel from one place to another. That might not make sense, as surely it would be longer if you had enemies to combat, but sometimes traveling through areas without encounters can feel long and boring as there is only a set amount of actions to perform.

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    Looking for a comprehensive Tales Of Kenzera: ZAU Review? We’ve got you covered! A quest to reclaim what was taken, and to restore balance to a world without a hero. Here is our Tales Of Kenzera: ZAU Review. Every Story Starts at the End of Another... Stories,...Tales of Kenzera: ZAU Review