Tectone’s F2P Honkai: Star Rail Tips

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    Twitch streamer, gacha addict, and OTK’s anime “expert” Tectone is known for his bad takes and spending $100.000 on Genshin Impact, but in Honkai: Star Rail he decided to take a different route and go fully F2P. While he is slowly losing his mind and getting balder by the minute, he does offer some great tips for other people who are not addicted to whaling in gacha games. Here are Tectone’s F2P Honkai: Star Rail Tips:

    Cherish the characters that you have

    While he is known on the Steak and Eggs podcast as the guy who says a bunch of things that aren’t true, from time to time he does have a pretty good point, one of them being “You work with what you have”. This could be massive copium, but there is some truth to this. You can spend $1,000 and still have a bad account, or just be happy with what you have, like me getting a terrible character like Welt in my 1st pull in the game.

    Tectone's F2P Honkai: Star Rail Tips - he cant pull seele meme
    Image by Tectone’s community

    Don’t pull too much at once

    Usually when you finally have those 10 pulls you do a 10 pull straight away, but what if you save your pulls and just randomly do 1 when you feel like it? The disappointment will hit harder and longer, but at least the pulls take longer and you piss off your chat at the same time if you stream it. (Chat if you read this, use code DEX on Gamer Supps (for 10% off and a free sample pack) so I can support my own gacha addiction, I still don’t have Clara and Bronya).

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    You do get about 200+ free pulls from just playing and enjoying the game, so there is plenty to spread around when you feel the urge to pull unless you have like a day left in the banner you want…

    Give others money to pull characters and just watch them pull

    Want to stay free to play but still want that dopamine rush? Just give Emiru money and watch her pull, the cosplay queen/landlord has crazy streamer luck and will for sure give you some content to watch. While Tectone calls her a whale with a crazy lucky account, he calls out dolphin spender Pinkchyu for having the worst account in Honkai: Star Rail history, while she technically has more and better characters, except Bronya. At least it’s fun watching them do pulls instead of doing them yourself, right…? Copium.

    Don’t Pull When You Don’t Need To

    Already got a good Serval and like playing with her? Think twice about doing a pull for Jing Yuan, because maybe down the line there is a character you need and then you can’t because there is a point where you just can’t pull anymore without putting money into the game and the F2P Jades will dry up until an event comes around. Want him later on? All characters do come back after a certain time, it might take a year, but he will for sure come back.

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