Tekken 8 Preview

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    Enter into the brutal battle empire of Tekken with the latest installment, Tekken 8. Continuing the story, the previous 7 installments have built on, and give an introductory taste to the new adventure. Here is our Tekken 8 Preview.

    Tekken 8 Preview - Menu

    As someone who is not necessarily into the genre, this game was an interesting demo to try. From the very start, I found myself wanting to know who these two Japanese fighters were and why they had strange powers.

    Credit to Bandai Namco Entertainment America for the Video

    As introductions to franchises go, Tekken 8 hooked me before I had even entered the game from the main menu, and it was only going to get better from there. Although the demo is only a single mission long and what feels like a fight directly from Ryu Ga Gotoku’s Yakuza Franchise, including the long exposition explained through cinematic events and in-between cutscenes, it is something that whets the appetite and leaves the gamer wanting more.

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    Battle-wise, I personally have never got my head around the combat of these kinds of games, including Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter. This is mainly because of the way you control the character utilising the Directional movement and face buttons to perform crazy actions, which in most other games would be a long combination string of face buttons. I understand the point of a Different Face Button corresponding to a different limb but when you add Directional movement, I feel a little overwhelmed with the combat. That being said Tekken 8 has a new featured mechanic that even let me grasp the controls and gain a better understanding of the way the combat flows. This is known as the Special Style, which when activated you can “Easily Master Your Favourite Character” or so the game puts it. In reality, it feels like a more dulled-down combat system with a lot of potential to grow.

    The interface is pretty much what you would expect, a player HUD focusing at the top of the screen reading out Health, Match Timer, and Character Wins. There is also a combat menu which can be switched out with the Special Style menu. This also doubles as a combat system that even beginner players can get familiar with easily.

    On top of the story mode, there is also access to the Arcade mode which will let players compete in a more 90s-style environment and do battle in the game like you would in story mode. Personally, I found this an incredible distraction which was a nice pace changer compared to story mode. On the other side of this, it provides a story which is to compete and win the World Tournament, introduced when starting Arcade mode. As an added bonus mode there is also the Super Ghost Battle Mode, which will let you build up, challenge, and test your skills against yourself. This in turn will build a Ghost which is uploaded online and helps provide an added challenge, however, they are based on your playstyle and the AI Learning within the game.

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    Overall, the demo is rather a surprise and an entertaining game, which we are looking forward to, come release day on January 26th. Each element of the game seems to be crafted to perfection and gives a nice balance between all aspects, as it stands the demo leaves a lot to discover however, what it does provide is an interesting experience that leaves us wanting to know more about both the stories present in the game.

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