Ten Scary Easter Eggs to try on Halloween

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    Halloween is here and what’s the best opportunity for being frightened while playing some videogames? That’s why we have prepared something special for you: here, 10 scary Easter Eggs in videogames which can gift you a shiver down your spine (We hope so, eh eh)!

    1. Grand Theft Auto V: Mount Gordo’s Ghost

    Mount Gordo is one of the three mountains that you can find on the map of this amazing game. Although is the lowest one, it hides one of the creepy Easter Egg of the entire saga. In fact, if you go up the mountain between 23:00 and 00:00 you can find a ghost of a girl on a cliff, but if you try to get close to her, she will vanish leaving the written “Jock” on the rock where she was.
    Now two questions arise: Who is that girl and what is or who is Jock? After a lot of researches, the community has found that Jock is a well-known actor and stuntman mentioned in the game as a candidate for governor of San Andreas and his wife, Jolene Evans is the ghost. Everything was going fine between them until he decided to move from Blain County, the citadel where they were living. Jolene did not want to leave her hometown, so they started arguing. A day, a cursed day in 1978, they went to Mount Gordo to admire the beautiful landscape it offers, but they started to argue again until he pushed her down from the cliff and she died. When the police arrived, they did not arrest Jock as they thought about an incident, but her ghost never found rest and now it tries to tell us the truth.

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    2. Call of Duty Black Ops III: Nuketown’s Mannequins

    We should all agree on the fact that mannequins are really scary and we should all know that in every Black Ops game when Nuketown appears as a map, the mannequins found around this map hide an epic easter egg behind them. In fact, in Black Ops 1 if you shoot at every mannequins’ head in record time, the song “Sympathy for the devil” by Rolling Stones starts playing in the background; in Black Ops II if you shoot every mannequins’ head within 2 minutes, you can play an arcade game inside the TV near the house. But… what about Black Ops III? Well, are you sure that you want to know it? Ok… so, in Black Ops III if you shoot at all the mannequins’ heads they will start chasing you like zombies and they will respawn even if you kill them. Scary, isn’t it? No? OK then restart the map and shoot at every mannequins’ arms: they will start to chase you only when you are not looking at them and trying to stop every movement when you look back again to them (statues children’s game). Always watch your back when a mannequin is around, it can stab and kill you.

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    3. Metal Gear Solid: Psycho Mantis

    If you are a fan of the MGS series, you know what I’m talking about. Pshyco Mantis has special abilities as psychic powers of psychokinesis and telepathy.
    In the first chapter of the saga, developed by Konami and released in 1998 on Playstation, you will find this antagonist: during one of the encounters, Psycho Mantis is a little bit exhibitionist and so he wants to prove to Snake that he actually has telekinetic abilities. After taking the control of Maryl’s mind, he will become invisible, but Snake, the main character, will provoke him underestimating his powers. Here comes the Easter egg.

    To prove that his powers are stronger than Snake’s thoughts, he will read your character mind and he will tell you these following sentences: “you are a very methodical man, the type that always kicks his tires before he leaves. You are a highly skilled warrior well suited to this stealth mission. You are extremely careful of traps, you are either very cautious or you are a coward…”
    But he will not be satisfied enough, so he will read more deeply into your soul and tell your savefiles inside your memory card. For example: if you have a Castlevania savefile on your memory card he will say to you “So, you like CASTLEVANIA?” but if you have an empty memory card don’t worry, he will say “Hmmm. Your memory is completely clean”
    He will also know how many saves you do in every game (“Hmmm. You have not saved very often. You are somewhat reckless”)
    Then he will prove you his psychokinetic powers telling you to put your controller on the floor and he will move it through the vibration system of it. Scary… isn’t it?

    4. Bioshock Infinite – Burial At Sea Ep.2: Sander Cohen’s Kinetoscope

    Sander Cohen was a poet, composer, sculptor, and playwright ruling over Fort Frolic. He went mad and became sadistically impassive to the deaths and suffering of others by following the descent of Rapture into chaos. While playing all the Bioshock games you will find a lot of quotes and references on him, but the creepiest one is found in the Bioshock Infinite’s DLC “Burial At Sea EP.2”
    When you reach the Manta Ray Lounge you will find a locked door where you can only access into it by using the grapple-hook on the ceiling lamps. Inside, you will find a weird Kinetoscope, look at it, turn back and… Well done Mr.Cohen… Now it’s time to change your pants, again.

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    5. Dead Island: Jason Voorhees

    Dead Island is a game based on a zombie apocalypse so it could be kinda scary without any other surprise, but… Yeah, the developers have put a zombie which is the “perfect” cameo of one of the most ruthless serial killers of all times: Jason Voorhees.
    He was a kid with mental disability and after assisting his mother’s murder, he just wanted revenge against everyone who gets inside his camping site and started killing everyone with a machete while wearing a hockey mask. If you reach a specific area of the game, you can find some huts with dead bodies outside and a swarm of zombie waiting for you, but when you get close to them, you will hear a creepy laugh sound and an angry (and hungry) Jason will jump down from one of the huts. He will kill every zombie in the area and then he will attack you with his machete. Pay attention that is a very tough enemy and he deals a lot of damage. If you can kill him, you can take his machete as a reward, but if you go inside the hut where he jumped down before, you can find the best weapon of the game (except for modded weapons): the chainsaw. Just remember to look at your back because… the immortal hockey mask killer cannot die.


    6. Fallout 4: Edgar Allan Poe’s Reference

    In Fallout 4 under the Minutemen’s Fort after it has been liberated, behind a collapsed wall you can find a wall-chained skeleton with some wine barrels and bottles around it. Nothing strange right? But… That’s a huge reference to a story of the well-known as the horror writer, Edgar Allan Poe. The story is “The Cask of Amontillado” and it tells about a friendship between Montrésor and Fortunato which ended with a murder. In fact, Montrésor convinces Fortunato to follow him in Montrésors Catacombs. How? Fortunato has a really good knowledge of wines so he lures him with a pipe (barrel) of Amontillado, a really fine Spanish wine, and when they reach the chosen place, Montrésor enchains his poor old friend and walls him alive in one of the cellars of the catacombs. Never trust friends, especially when you are drunk… they can hide a Montrésor side inside them.

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    7. Game Boy Camera Game

    Ah… The good old Game Boy Color, one of the first consoles with the camera accessory which can transform it into a fantastic photo camera. Well, Nintendo programmed everything and it was able to make this epic technologic innovation in a creepy monstrosity. How? Let me explain it: when you turn on your camera, a screen with three options appears. These options are Shoot, View and Play.
    If you choose “View” you can see your photos, if you choose “Play” you can join some sort of minigames. But if you choose “Shoot”… You will start another sort of RPG minigame in the style of Pokémon. For the sake of your mental health… DON’T press “Run”…But if you are a brave videogamer, press it at your own risk. In fact, if you do it, sometimes appear an Africa image which tells you that “You are now crossing the Equator” but other times… A horrifying image appears… a creepy guy with a star on his forehead and his finger on his mouth like he’s doing the gesture of silence displays on the screen accompanied by a disturbing sound and a frightening written “Who are you running from?”. Childhood ruined…

    8. Pokémon – Platinum Version: The Old Chateau

    Ah, the innocence of Pokémon games, what can go wrong with them? Nothing? Are you sure? You’re right until you reach the mysterious Old Chateau… An abandoned manor situated inside the Eterna Forest. If you are brave enough to go inside it, you will immediately have the impression that this manor is not abandoned… In fact, you can only find ghost-type Pokémon all around the area and in the dining room, you can also see the ghost of an old man floating around the table. If you are not frightened enough, on the second-floor things get worse: in one of the room you can find a portrait with glowing red eyes that stare at you and seems to follow you; in another room you can find a TV with a Rotom inside (only at night), a pokémon which has the ability to possess the motors and animate them. Sometimes if you enter this room you can also see a ghost of a little girl in the room next to yours, too.
    Popular beliefs tell us that these two ghosts are a child with her grandad which are dead in the manor because they didn’t want to leave the place where they lived until their last days and now they are here to creep you out and live alone.

    9. Black & White 2: Real Player’s Name Whispers

    How many times do we feel scared when someone yells our names with an angry tone? Well… if you think that’s the scariest thing in real life, you don’t know the frightening story of Black & White 2. A lot of players, while playing this real-time strategy game, hear their real names being whispered by a scary voice. You read well… REAL names. Nobody knows how is possible that the game knows it, but if you search in the folders of the game you can find this audio file which is the cause of this easter egg ( “spooky_names.lug” ).
    Somebody told that this was put inside the game to prevent people to play it for a long time, in fact, you can start hearing this frightening voice after 20 minutes of playing and sometimes you can hear the “Life” word like if the game is telling you that you are playing too much.


    10. Gears of War – Judgement: Epic Reaper

    The Epic Reaper is a multiplayer-only character and it’s extremely powerful. To use it, you need to be very active inside the Gears of War community because the development team chooses every week a player and gives to him the opportunity to use this character.
    However, there is a creepy way to fight the epic reaper inside the multiplayer but, as you should know, it’s a real though enemy so it’s not convenient to try to beat it solo The creepiest thing is that is really well hidden and when he kills you he will scream “Free me” like he’s trapped inside the room.


    If you have read all the article, congratulations, you are a bold videogamer but don’t worry Halloween is ready to offer other surprises… other scary surprises so keep following us and see you next article! And don’t forget to let us know your favorite or what you want to see next time!


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