Tennis (1984) Review

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    Tennis (1984) is a pretty basic Tennis game and might even be one of the first of its kind available to play at home. Here is our Tennis (1984) Review.

    The game was developed by Nintendo R&D1 and Intelligent Systems Co., Ltd. and published by Nintendo, This version was originally released on January 14, 1984, for the Famicom but has been ported over to the majority of Nintendo platforms. It’s currently also available on the Nintendo Switch Online NES Service, this is also the version I played to review the game.

    Get ready for a world of pain, because this is one of the most confusing Tennis game experiences I have ever had. The game is just not really playable if you are not used to classic arcade-type games from back then where everything has to be pixel-perfect. It is just frustrating to play, the game itself doesn’t really show you any controls, while I know there are only 2 buttons and 4 directions, each time I tried hitting the ball, I ended up with a fault ball not knowing what I did wrong or how to make it right. This same thing happened when I finally did manage to hit a ball back when the opponent returned the ball to my side, the few times I did manage to hit the ball back, it just ended up being a fault again.

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    Hitting the ball back was a massive pain, unlike modern games where you have some leeway, in Tennis (1984) you need to be pixel-perfect otherwise you end up either missing the ball or getting hit by it. I just kept getting hit by the ball, this also ended up giving me a fault ball. When I did finally manage to hit the ball back, I ended out hitting it out of bounce and I had no clue how to get it in the area where it was supposed to be. The only upside is that the game is not bad visually for its time and makes use of a lot of the screen and doesn’t just have a black background like a lot of levels in Super Mario Bros. had.

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    Only fun when you are used to these classic games

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    Only fun when you are used to these classic gamesTennis (1984) Review