The Best Recurring Characters in Like A Dragon

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    So we looked through the vast history of Like A Dragon and found that some of our favorite, and least favorite characters have multiple opportunities to shine across several games. For this reason, we wanted to list some of the Best Recurring Characters in Like A Dragon for you, from Amon to Komaki and even some you might not have noticed, let’s dive into the characters who made a lasting impression.


    Best Recurring Characters in Like A Dragon - Kamulop

    What, you thought we would have Amon or Komaki first? Best to save the best till last right? Instead, we want to focus on the characters who stand out in the background, out of all our selections Kamulop kept coming to mind. First introduced in Like A Dragon where Ichiban is called to help by collecting relics of the Tojo for rewards, this character makes a return in Infinite Wealth.

    Although he can be seen as an irritating character, who just gives you a fetch quest, which is extremely long, he serves as the mascot for Kamurocho. Please don’t question the logic as to why he goes to Haiwii, we don’t want to think about that craziness.

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    Pocket Circuit Fighter

    This was a toss-up between our favorites for this list, but Kamulop beat him sadly. First introduced in 1988 during the empty lot incident of Yakuza 0, Fighter was an incredibly impactful character for me as he isn’t just a commentator for a minigame, he stands as a character who symbolizes an era, and continues to return.

    Having a role in 4 of the titles that we can think of, his personality might change some and his career takes a dive but he still pushes the player. In Yakuza 6 time doesn’t look to have been so kind to him as it has with Kiryu but he is still the same old Fighter at heart. However, this doesn’t shine through with his fatherly responsibilities at first. When he remembers how things were when he was there for the children of Kamurocho as Pocket Circuit Fighter he digs out his leathers and becomes the figure we know him to be. This is reflected in Like A Dragon when he runs the Dragon Kart minigame for Ichiban, and his competitor’s temperament shines through once more, showing Fighter still has some battle left. In truth he puts us in mind of Goku from Dragon Ball, this is because he has a dream that gets sidetracked, Goku is the same he wants to battle but Chi-chi controls him to get a real job. The similarities don’t end there, both Fighter and Goku have controlling wives who semi-prevent them from spending time with their child.

    Sujimon Sensei

    We are sorry to add this guy to our list, particularly so high, but Sujimon is at the core of Like A Dragon and Infinite Wealth. The Sensei is a rather annoying version of Pokemon’s Professor Oak even down to the “Sujimon” concept being a clone of Pokemon.

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    While he is the most irritating character, particularly in Infinite Wealth, for some reason he just goes on and on, all you want to do is drop him off a building or stick him in a Pokeball honestly. His appearance as a Yakuza and not a scientist doesn’t help with the idea he is meant to be this smart character who mentors the hero in the way of hostile entities either. While in Like A Dragon he does wear a lab coat that’s not a real convincing argument, like look at Dr Doofenshmirtz from Phineas & Ferb. It is satisfying when you finally get to beat on him in Like A Dragon, however, but when he returns in Infinite Wealth you just wish that you could do the same as Ichiban.


    Introduced in Yakuza 4 to Saejima and acting as a lazy good-for-nothing, who runs a dojo, Sodachi is a fantastic character who you can’t help but want to help. This is more so after his side story in The Song Of Life, as he becomes a muscle head who challenges Kiryu on the streets of Kamurocho.

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    While he is nothing special in Yakuza 4 and 5, other than a weak mess, in Yakuza 5 Saejima’s influence rubs off on him and he defends his dojo, which Saejima helps build. This would be his turning point and with the events of him posing as a strong enemy in The Song Of Life, much like Shakedown in Yakuza 0, he does grow a lot. This is only added to by having him as a Sujimon for the battle arena in Infinite Wealth.

    Crisis Management Guy – Saigo

    So this guy, he is one that you just want to hit, thankfully Akayama and Kiryu get to beat on him multiple times. First introduced in Yakuza 4 as a master for Akayama, this guy, and his war stories are worse than Only Fools and Horses’s Uncle Albert, which is an achievement. This isn’t the part that is irritating, it’s the fact that he makes you care for him by being a master and he is lying to you.

    Returning in Yakuza 5, where I feel I wish I could have just left him, and then again in The Song Of Life. In Yakuza 5 he tricks Akayama into helping him and all the time he is making a movie while training you. The only satisfaction is you get to pummel him in The Song Of Life as Kiryu, once he requests a bento to save him. It’s actually satisfying to hunt around Onomichi just for this one guy, and yes we spent a few hours doing just that, for revenge.


    While the mentor for Kiryu and Nishikyama, Kashiwagi is a recurring character until his death in Yakuza 3. Acting as the Head of the Kazuma family while Shintaro Kazuma is incarcerated during the events of Yakuza 0 and taking over during Kiwami 2 and Yakuza 3, Kashiwagi’s role is always a background character who drives characters.

    Although he is a mentor he is not a master who you can talk to in order to gain new power. He is just there to advise and provide exposition to the evolving story. That being said he is a very likable character, who, it’s hard to see die once you have seen him help Kiryu so much. I would have liked something where Kiryu would have visited his grave and the others more than just in Kiwami 2 and Yakuza 3, like visiting from a distance before he set off to Hawaii in Infinite Wealth.

    Hiroshi Hayashi

    First introduced in Kiwami and returning in Kiwami 2 and even Dead Souls, this guy really is a royal Pain. Working against Kiryu and even thinking he can take Kiryu and The Yakuza Huntress in Kiwami 2 this guy deserved the end he got I’m happy to say.

    Although he is only a small part of the Yakuza story he was enough to leave a lasting impression and a bad taste. He is first introduced on the top floor of the Millennium Tower when Kiryu is looking for Yumi, Haruka’s mother, and things spiral out from there. His next appearance is to sabotage the Millennium Tower and prevent The Florist Of Sai from helping to the fullest. He finally meets an end in Dead Souls when he not only starts events but with his new power thinks he’s finally powerful enough to take Kiryu down.

    Akimoto & Mizuki

    Alright, this entry is cheating as we covered them in the Substories list. These two characters seem to just keep coming back, and until the end of Yakuza 6, I was expecting to see them again honestly. Starting their story in Kiwami where Akimoto wants to jump from a building in Kamurocho the crazy doesn’t end there.

    Returning in Kiwami 2 and Yakuza 3, Mizuki keeps up the illusion and squeezes finances from Akimoto, living the good life. Akimoto stupidly falls for the lies, so it’s hard to feel sorry if he would jump, Kiryu and Haruka can see through the deception, and after so long you would have thought that Akimoto would but he seems like one of those dense heroes I guess.

    Makoto Makimura

    Although only a small part of the returning character, Makoto is an important character, first introduced in Yakuza 0. Sent as an assassin, Majima intends to eliminate Makoto, so the Empty Lot deal can go ahead. Unfortunately, or fortunately, he fails and ends up protecting her, helping her survive until she is shot by an agent of Dojima.

    Returning in Kiwami 2’s Majima’s Saga, we see a conclusion to Majima’s involvement with Makoto as she leaves Japan, but not before realizing that Majima was the man who saved her in 1988.

    Kage – The Florist Of Sai

    First introduced as the Legendary Information Dealer in Kiwami, Kage is one of the best characters in his appearances. The reasoning is that he knows what’s going on, most of the time and can work out what needs to be done before Kiryu can visit him.

    Found in the underground known as Purgatory later operated by the Majima Family, it is Kamurocho’s seedy underbelly for Gambling, life and death battles, and everything else.

    Makoto Date

    A detective in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, Date is introduced as the investigating detective during Kiwami. Strangely, or ordained by fate, Date stays with Kiryu until Kiryu Dies in The Song Of Life. While he is not a fighter he is a sharp-witted character and works behind the scenes in Like A Dragon to bring the corruption within the police to light with Adachi’s help.

    During the events of Yakuza 3 and 4, he left the police due to the Jingown Mafia incident that started a war between the Tojo and Omi Alliance throwing Kamurocho into chaos. Although he finds a way out he gets pulled back into the job wanting to keep the streets clean.


    One of the masters throughout the franchise, however, he’s not always been Kiryu’s master. First introduced in Yakuza 0, in Sotenbori, he mentors Majima. That connection returns later in Kiwami where Majima, posing as Hannya, will help train Kiryu.

    Komaki plays a role in 8 of the games including Dead Souls and Fist Of The North Star. Typically he is the hardest fight you will have, worse than Amon in a lot of ways, if you haven’t played the last Ultimate Battle in Yakuza 3 you won’t know the pain yet. Although he is shown as this powerful character who trains Kiryu into who he is, he still gets beaten by the Amon clan in Kiwami 2.

    Amon Clan

    Our final addition is none other than The Amon Clan (Yes we picked Jo as the image but he is the one that you’ll fight more). You know that had to be it right? Amon is an irritating character to battle in a few of the games, Yakuza 4 and 5 come to mind. Although we wanted to just say Jo Amon, there are a few in the Amon clan who you fight, and even a Secret Amon battle in Yakuza 5.

    Typically Amon is the ultimate in power for the series, even Judgement and Fist Of The North Star don’t avoid The Amon Clan’s interference.

    If you’re looking for more games to add to your collection, be sure to check out some of our other gaming lists. From in-depth reviews to top 10 type lists, we’ve got plenty of content to keep you entertained and informed.


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