The Crew Motorfest Review

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    The Crew Motorfest is the 3rd entry in The Crew game series and takes a more festival-type approach and feels like a breath of fresh air for the series. Here is our The Crew Motorfest Review.

    The game was developed by Ubisoft Ivory Tower and published by Ubisoft, it was released on September 14, 2023, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on Epic and Ubisoft stores.

    From originally being about a crime ring in the 1st game, The Crew Motorfest is nothing at all like how the series started and in the best way possible, this is almost exactly like Forza Horizon. I hate race games, I am just not good at them, but I have a special love for Forza Horizon, that love also got transferred over to this game with the direction they took this game in. Just like Forza Horizon, the game takes a festival approach to the game with even the intro race being basically the same.

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    The story of the game is a bit lackluster and I personally would have liked 1 main story, because now there doesn’t really feel like there is one, so the game also doesn’t really have an ending to it either making the end of the game when your enjoyment fizzles out. By no means this is a bad thing, because there is a story in the playlists they offer, but they are being told by voice coms while driving, and if you are like me and love to just chill and listen to music while playing a race game, the story goes past you pretty quickly.

    The Crew Motorfest Review - Donut Media

    Doing playlists unlocks more content, and with the money you earn from them, you can even buy more playlists. Each playlist tells its own “story” or tournament and also has its own theme. There is one collab playlist with Donut Media where you test what car is better, there is an F1-type playlist where you do some F1 racing and even have tire wear you need to look and make pitstops, and also you have a classics playlist where you dont have a map and have to look at pictures with landmarks to find your way. Each playlist is unique and makes the game feel fresh anytime you start a new one.

    By far the worst playlist is the drift one that you have to buy with in-game currency to unlock. It’s not bad, but it just doesn’t make much sense the 1st half is just a bit boring and unnecessary and the final few add a few races against better cars making it a bit frustrating while you drift all around. Just like The Crew 2, there are boats and planes again, but I only managed to find 1 of each in the normal playlists in the Hawaii playlist. There is 1 playlist that you can buy all about the boats and planes, but it does make me feel like they didn’t use enough of that feature.

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    In the playlists are also a ton of extras like feasts, they are slalom, speed, bullseye and escape missions all taking about 30 seconds max each. They are fun but not really necessary to seek out, it is just one of those nice extra things to do when you come across them. Besides that there are also a ton of challenges, these challenges can be drive with X car or doing X with X car, but it also includes collectibles and photo challenges. The challenges feel a lot better than the boring ones from Forza Horizon so that is definitely something that gives you an extra thing to strive for.

    Visually, the game looks absolutely gorgeous in every way possible. Each car looks great, every location that you visit has great lighting and design, and finally, the general light and environment look absolutely amazing. Hawaii feels big and small at the same time, looking at the map you just think “Is this it?” but when actually driving around it suddenly feels massive.

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    A must play game for any race fan with satisfying races and a beautiful map

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    A must play game for any race fan with satisfying races and a beautiful mapThe Crew Motorfest Review