The Future of DEX.EXE

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    Let’s talk about the future of DEX.EXE and what is going to change going forward and how we are going to do it. to keep it simple, we are now Game Craves.

    What is The Future of DEX.EXE short term?

    We are taking a small break, you might have noticed this already due to breaking our post streak, but I, Dex, got in a car accident on Friday, May 26th. So I need some time to recover from that and take things slowly. This does not mean I’m not stopping writing and doing nothing in the meantime, but I just can’t keep a daily schedule up atm, so instead, we are preparing content for when our long-term change is coming.

    What is going to happen next?

    We are changing our name. DEX.EXE is no more in the way that was, but the name DEX.EXE will stay around in another form that we will announce at a later date. With the new name, we want a new focus on guides and bringing us back to the roots that made us popular in certain communities in the first place.

    So let’s welcome GameCraves!

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    What does this mean for our other sister sites DEX.Anime, DEX.Video and our Sleepless Knights? Not much actually, these sites will also transition to our new names AnimeCraves, VideoCraves, and CravesCreators. With this change, the Sleepless Knights is the biggest one in the name. Are the Sleepless Knights gone? No, each generation of content creators we are going to introduce will have its own name with the 1st gen keeping the name Sleepless Knights.


    With VideoCraves we plan to do a lot more in the coming months and even years, this will be a platform where we are going to partner with creators and promote their content, but not just that EVERYONE can upload content to it. Currently, we are having a big focus on gaming content, but this doesn’t mean that it’s only locked to gaming. We have created categories for a lot of different types of content you can publish. from vlogs to cooking to anime to DIY, there are a lot of possibilities to show off your content. We hope to have VideoCraves out of beta soon.


    Nothing much will change on the anime side of things other than the name, the content planned will stick but we will do more themed content based on holidays and hopefully, each month we will have a theme we can stick to that gives both the reader and writers something to keep them busy

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    Our plans as GameCraves

    So what is coming with this brand-new site? Well, here is a list of everything that we are going to do:

    • A New Site Look
    • A New Logo
    • Monthly Tournaments
    • More Giveaways
    • revamped community Discords Networks
    • Back to the roots with more guides
    • Themed Content Weeks
    • More Indie Reviews
    • More AAA Game Guides (Playstation Exclusives, Major Releases, and Some Xbox Achievement Guides)
    • Timed Merch Drops

    We hope to be back soon with these changes and bring back what made us great in the first place.

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