The Keeper of 4 Elements Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 5/10
    Estimated time to platinum/100%: 6 to 10 hours hours
    Missable trophies: None
    Glitched trophies: None
    difficulty related: Yes, need to finish each level on Hard


    The Dark Lord invaded the mystic island to uncover the secrets of ancient magic and use it for his evil deeds but the island has a powerful protector – a wise monk wielding the power of four elements. Rise to the island’s defense using the elemental towers and devastating spells, which can fend off any possible enemy. Don’t let the hordes of Darkness discover the secret of the island!

    This is your classic tower defense game. Simple – don’t let too many enemies get to the end or else you lose. 4 towers that can be upgraded with all different abilities. This can be a fun time waster to play on the PS4 or Vita.

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    Please take note that this game will crash as you take on the later levels. Using two many spells at once or using the Earthquake Spell on a screen full of enemies can potentially cause your game to crash. One person has reported their save was corrupted. It is advised to regularly backup your saved data.


    Step 1: Finish all 15 levels on each difficulty
    It is advised to play each level on Easy, Medium and Hard before moving to the next level. This will make the grind at the end less painful. However you are more than welcome to go straight for Hard on each level.

    Bronze Carpenter
    Silver Warrior
    Gold Restless
    Bronze Merchant
    Silver Learned Fighter
    Silver Strategist
    Gold Journey

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    Step 2: Grind
    There are a few trophies that will not come naturally so you will have to grind them out.

    Bronze No time to waste
    Silver Woodworker
    Silver Sentinel
    Silver Wise qarrior

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    Build 30 towers

    See Woodworker.

    Defeat 100 enemies

    See Sentinel.

    Launch all the waves on one map manually

    You can start the next wave early and earn extra coins. It is the button with the skull on it above the play/fast forward button. It can easily be obtained on any level. If you are having trouble, do the first level on easy and build 2 water towers. As you get money, build 1 more water tower and 2 fire towers.

    Sell 10 towers

    This may or may not come naturally. Load up the last level, place towers everywhere then sell all the towers to get the trophy.

    No time to waste
    Play the game for 8 hours

    This trophy is cumulative. As long as you are playing the game, the time will accrue.

    Learned fighter
    Defeat 300 enemies with the Monk

    See Wise warrior.

    Complete a level with 20 lives

    You will need to finish a level without losing any lives. If an enemy troop makes it to the end of the route, your lives are taken away. Every enemy has a different amount it will take. While this can be done on any level, it can easily be obtained on the first level. If you are having trouble, do the first level on easy and build 2 water towers. As you get money, build 1 more water tower and 2 fire towers.

    Build 1500 towers

    You must build towers to prevent enemies from making to the end of the route. Coins don’t carry over from each level so be sure and use them as much as possible. Air Towers cost 80, Water Towers cost 90, Earth Towers cost 100, and Fire Towers cost 110. There are upgrades that lower the prices of towers. If you were going straight for Hard each level then you won’t get this by the end of the game. This will need to be ground out. Select a level on easy, build all Air Towers then sell one and keep rebuilding it over and over.

    Sentinel upscale-245262160018212
    Defeat 30000 enemies

    This will come with lots of playing. If you were going straight for Hard on each level, this won’t pop by the end of the game. Simply replay the later levels to grind this out.

    Wise warriorupscale-245262160018212
    Defeat 2500 enemies with the Monk

    The Monk is your last line of defense before an enemy unit passes the threshold. This may or may not pop by the end of the game, depending on how well you played. To grind this, play one of the first few levels on easy and don’t build any towers – let the Monk do all the killing.

    Inventor upscale-245262160018212
    Fully upgrade 130 towers

    Each tower can be upgraded 4 times, bringing them to their 5th form. You must do this to 130 different towers. Make sure you have the upgrades that reduce the cost of certain towers. You can play levels (any past level 6) or play level 15 on easy and upgrade one tower to the max, die and retry.

    Complete all levels on hard difficulty

    Each level has an Easy, Medium and Hard difficulty. You must complete all 15 levels on Hard. You can do each level’s mode before moving to the next mode or you can play until level 15 on Easy then go back and tackle on the other modes. I personally did the latter as it helped with the next level. Beating a level on Medium or Hard first does clear the other 2 modes and gives you the stars for upgrades. Each level will need its’ own way to approach it in terms of towers. Maxing out and using Air Towers and Earth Towers proved to be a successful method. Some levels will need max level Fire Towers.

    Here is a video playlist to help you beat every level on Hard (credit to GameSeeker): LINK


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