The First Hour of The Last of Us Part 2 – First Impressions

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    Note: all this was streamed to me by a friend and I was simply a watcher, I didn’t actually play the game.

    The main menu, similar to uncharted 4, the main menu is cold and quiet, It’s a boat on the water (Looks like the ocean, very gray with lots of fog), floating with no one on it.

    When you press “start” the loading screen is is a light in the top right with firefly’s around it.

    The game starts with Joel talking to Tommy, he’s recapping the first game and cleaning a guitar, There’s a flashback to the slaughter at the hospital from the first game with a heartrate monitors beep in the background as Joel then carries Ellie out.

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    Joel and Tommy pack up and go ride on horses, then travel past the ruined waste of what was the world before, credits appear on the side of the screen, as you go on this long horse ride.

    You approach a giant wall into a town/city you put your horses in the stable and Tommy says to Joel “About what we were talking about… Can’t say I’d do it any different” He then walks away down an empty road.

    It cuts to the backyard of a house, green grass, blue nights sky, (It looks amazing)

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    Joel enters the room and speaks to Ellie, she doesn’t respond, he pokes he and scares her, she takes off some headphone and specks to him.

    He pulls out a guitar after a while the same one from before, tells her he wants to play a song, you then get a Circle or cords and with the touch-pad you select and play cords after a while it’ll transition into a cutscene where Joel plays a song and Ellie responds “Well, that didn’t suck” Joel then gifts the guitar to Ellie, “Here, it’s yours” Joel says, Ellie responds “No, no, no I don’t know the first thing about guitars” Joel then offers her lessons, she accepts and then he tells a quick joke before leaving “What’s the worst thing about meeting a clock?… It’s time-consuming”

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    The screen turns to black and the last of us part 2 logo appears giant taking up the whole screen.

    We transition around 4 years later, Ellie wakes up and answers a door, it’s Jessie (The Asian guy), Ellie talks with him and then they end up talking about Dina. Ellie mentions that she kissed her and that she’s sorry because she knows Jessie and Dina are a couple, Jessie then acts really mad before telling Ellie that he doesn’t care and is just joking, Ellie goes back inside to put on a coat and boot. There’s a PS3 near a TV with a copy of Jax and Daxter Collection and Uncharted 2.

    Note: At this point on the audio kept cutting out and I couldn’t make out most of the conversations.

    Ellie and Jessie make their way somewhere. You pass by a boat on a truck tow, with no truck attached. then you walk through an area filled with greenhouses for growing food. After a while, you pass through a fence-gate and you see shops and people walking, there’s even a dog that Ellie can pet. It looks like civilization has started to be rebuilt in this community. Ellie and Jessie head into a bar, people are eating and drinking and gathered together, They meet with a blond woman who I don’t know the name of. They take to a bartender to apologized to Ellie for something and hands her a package. They then leave the bar and head out with the blond woman, after a while you meet up with Dina, you have a talk about Jessie and other stuff before being interrupted by kids throwing snowballs at you. Both you and Dina participate in a snowball fight with the children, then you get to a stable and take some horses and ride off.

    Now here’s where thing takes a turn, you start playing as Abby from here on out, You’re in a cabin and you leave with a man, I couldn’t catch his name, Him and Abby head into the snowy forest and as I said before the audio kept cutting out so I didn’t hear much but Abby said something about going to Mexico, they shimmy around a cliff edge and then make way through until they reach the edge of a cliff, the sun is rising and it’s a beautiful view, they have a very, very long cutscene talking to each other, I couldn’t make out a single word, unfortunately. afterward, they get split up and Abby walks through the forest, there are frozen bodies everywhere. Abby has to crawl through a small space between the cliffs and you have to push a frozen body out of the way. A runner rushes you and you slide down a hill, similar to sliding in Uncharted 4. Afterward, You make-way into a house where there are 2/3 runners you can easily stealth-kill then you move into a then of sorts and crawl under the foundation of the house and a runner will crawl under from the other side and you have to shoot it, I have video of this and will link it at the end of this long summery, Once outside you continue to fight runners with the little ammo you have, however, you can easily punch them to death. Then the video cut-out for me and when it turned back on it was Ellie and Dina on horseback talking about if people still make movie’s Ellie says “Well, I still make music so someone must have a camera” Dina then say’s “You have Ellie original songs and you never played them to me?” Ellie then says she’ll play some guitar for her when they get back. They go to some building after seeing a deer that’s been half-eaten blood everywhere in the snow, they enter the building and fight a few runners. Then the video cut-out again and instead of annoying my friend, I left it at that.

    Personal opinion: I think so far the game looks amazing, it seems to have fun combat but also seems very easy. I think that overall the game is good, but if the story leaks are still true then I don’t see myself enjoying that element of the game. Thanks for reading. -Phoenix Digital


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