The Walking Dead: The Final Season Trophy Walkthrough

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    The final season of Telltale’s The Walking Dead takes on a bit of a different format from other games. It only contains four episodes, all of which are based around a central location, a school in West Virginia, with the game taking place about 7 – 8 years after the beginning of the zombie outbreak. Each episode contains three acts, longer than the individual chapters of previous games.

    Unlike most modern Telltale games, this one actually contains a large number of miscellaneous trophies related to exploration, collectibles, and some skill-based activities, as well as a few story-based trophies. The game is about a 2/10, at most a 2.5/10 in difficulty, making it arguably the hardest Telltale game to platinum, and will require 8 – 12 hours to platinum, depending on your save management and skill.

    Also unlike many Telltale games, while you can replay entire episodes at will, there is no individual act/chapter select, so if you miss something in an episode, you will have to start it over from the beginning. This leads to a majority of the trophies in the game being missable. Thankfully, you have four manual save slots to take advantage of. Whenever the guide says to MAKE A BACKUP SAVE, you should copy your main save file into another slot. This will give you a failsafe in case you mess up one of the missable trophies, and will allow you to make separate choices for various trophies without having to replay entire episodes.

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    To do this, quit to the main menu, go to settings, select “save files”, where you will see four save slots. From here, you can simply copy your save to another slot, as well as rename and delete them as needed. You may also want to back up your save to the cloud or an external drive from time to time.

    This guide serves as a streamlined roadmap of the easiest and fastest way to get the platinum. It can be used for all four versions of the game. It contains information on how to get each individual trophy, where it unlocks, and the locations of all the collectibles. Keep in mind there will be minor spoilers throughout the guide, but the most important story information has been placed under “spoiler” tabs.


    The combat is more fleshed out this time around. Whenever you fight a walker, you can choose to hit or . will kill the walker, but it will take a few seconds, leaving you open to attack from others nearby.  will drop the walker to their knee and leave them stunned for a few seconds, during which time you can move away or finish them off. If you ever get grabbed by a walker, you will have to mash a button and then hit a different one to get the kill. Whenever you are fighting multiple walkers close together, you should always stun first to keep them apart and take them out more easily.

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    Other Tips

    You can move a little faster by holding . Additionally, if you hold , small white dots will appear on screen displaying everything you can interact with. This is exceptionally helpful for a number of trophies that require you to interact with everyone/everything in a section.


    Act 1

    • This act serves as the introduction to the game. You will make your first, mostly unimportant choices, and fight your first walker.
    • Once you have exited the car and dealt with a walker, you will see the entrance to a train station. Instead of entering, walk around the side of the building and pick up the deer skull next to the wall (Silver Scavenger 1/6).
    • Enter the train station. The next 10-20 minutes will be relatively scripted and won’t influence any trophies.
    • Once you wake up in the school, MAKE A BACKUP SAVE. 
    • Continue simply playing the game until Marlon tells you where to find AJ.
    • While following the music to find AJ, walk behind the grand staircase to find some plastic flowers (Silver Scavenger 2/6).
    • Follow the music upstairs until you find AJ listening to Louis play the piano. In this section, you will have multiple dialogue options with AJ, choose the  option to tickle him for Bronze Tickle Monster.
    • Continue playing the game as you wish until you are sent into the woods to deal with some walkers.
    • Here, you will need to use all four traps in the woods to kill four separate walkers. You activate the traps by cutting the ropes, but only when a walker is underneath, which will create a red circle on the ground. All four traps need to register a kill. You can stun the walkers with  to slow them down or to keep them stuck under a trap. Thankfully, you can let yourself be killed to start over at the beginning of this defensive section, so you won’t lose any progress if you fail. Once you kill all four walkers with traps, you will get Bronze Nothing Wasted.
    • Continue killing zombies and following the storyline until you reach the school courtyard waiting for dinner.
    • On the far right side of the area, beyond the low wall, you will find some real flowers in a dark corner (Silver Scavenger 3/6).
    • You will now need to interact with each person/group in the courtyard, of which there are 5. You can’t talk to Marlon until you have spoken with everyone else. There are two kids off to the side by some graves, so don’t miss them. Once you talk to everyone, you will unlock Bronze Social Butterfly.
    • Continue playing the game normally until you return to your room. AJ will begin drawing a picture, and Violet will come in asking about the colored pencils he is using. Make sure to pick the  option, telling AJ he can keep the drawing supplies. This will get you AJ’s drawing (Silver Scavenger 4/6).
    • Clem and AJ will go to sleep, completing the act and unlocking Bronze End of the Road.

    [spoiler]A few years after the events of A New Frontier, AJ and Clem are on the road, scavenging for supplies, with Clem teaching AJ everything she can about survival. The duo comes across a stash of supplies in an old train station, but a trap alerts lots of walkers, causing them to crash their car. They are saved at the last second by a group of kids and teens inhabiting a nearby boarding school, with no adults. AJ makes some trouble while Clem tries to help him make friends and allow them to stay.[/spoiler]

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    Act 2 – Part 1

    • MAKE A BACKUP SAVE at the start of Act 2.
    • Play through the first few minutes until Rosie (the dog) enters the room. Marlon will show you that she is trained. Hit to tell Marlon that you trust him, unlocking the Bronze Good Girl trophy.
    • When given the chance to decide to hunt or fish, choose to fish with Violet and Brody by hitting .
    • Make whatever dialogue choices you want until you regain control of Clem in the shack.
    • In the shack, pick up the cat skull on top of the fireplace (Silver Scavenger 5/6).
    • Talk to AJ and he will point out some heart graffiti, unlocking Bronze Lost Love.
    • Now, you will have to complete the fishing minigame perfectly. You have to spear three fish without missing. The fish will swim up the stream in straight lines. Your reticle will turn red when you can spear a fish, using  to spear. Some of the fish move fairly slow, others will swim pretty fast, but the spearing animation tends to be a bit generous with what counts as a hit. The fish will follow their same paths multiple times, so you can learn their spawns and spear them without too much trouble. Spearing three will unlock Bronze Upstream.
    • Continue playing through Act 2, making whatever choices you want, until you return to school. You will eventually talk to Tenn, who will be making a drawing. When given the option, select  to be drawn into the picture. He will give you Tenn’s picture (Silver Scavenger 6/6).
    • Finish out Act 2 however you wish, unlocking Bronze Fitting In when you return to your room.

    [spoiler]Clem and AJ choose to either go hunting or fishing to help the group. Realizing they have little food, they convince the group to go outside Marlon’s safe zone to the train station to collect more food. While there, they encounter a raider named Abel, either letting him have some food or leaving him to fend off some walkers. Despite the large amount of food collected, Marlon and Brody worry that the group was followed and that the raiders will arrive to cause problems.[/spoiler]

    Act 3

    • In your room, place the six collectibles you picked up before blowing out the candle. The deer skull goes above the door, a spot that can be tough to notice. This will unlock Silver To Make it Look Nice. Once the trophy unlocks, blow out the candle to end the night.
    • After being woken up, follow the linear story path, using a brick you pick up outside to break a lock to the basement.
    • Play out the rest of the Act however you want, it always ends the same way, and will unlock Silver Protector.

    [spoiler]Clem enters the school basement and overhears an angry conversation between Marlon and Brody, who are worried that the raiders will soon arrive to attack the school. An angry Marlon fatally strikes Brody with a flashlight, and she reveals that two girls Marlon claimed were killed were actually given to the raiders by Marlon to keep the raiders from attacking the school. After being trapped in the basement and killing walker Brody, Clem pleads her case to Marlon and the rest of the kids. Regardless of what is said, AJ shoots Marlon in the head.[/spoiler]

    Act 2, Part 2

    • Reload your backup save from the beginning of Act 2.
    • When given the chance to hunt or fish, choose to hunt with Louis and Aasim.
    • Once you arrive at the hunting grounds, MAKE ANOTHER BACKUP SAVE in a separate slot. One of the following trophies is a little tough, and the two trophies cancel each other out.
    • When Louis and Aasim split up after a few minutes of dialogue, choose to help Louis beat a trapped walker to death. Hit it three times with Louis’s weapon to unlock Bronze Where’s the Candy?
    • Now, reload the more recent save from the start of the hunting section.
    • This time, choose to help Aasim hunt rabbits.
    • This can be one of the toughest trophies in the game. You have to kill two rabbits with two arrows, no missing allowed. For the first shot, two rabbits will appear, but you only have to hit one. Wait for the rabbit on the bottom to stop for the first time, aim a few feet in front, and shoot it after it hops and stops again. After a short cutscene, another rabbit will spawn. It is best to let it hop and stop twice, then kill it as it stops for the third time. This will unlock Bronze Rabbit Season. It is recommended to follow the video guide below so you know exactly where the rabbits will go.

    With these trophies unlocked, you should have all trophies complete for Episode 1, giving you 25% completion for the game on your trophy list.

    Credit to Reaper Reborn for the video.


    Act 1

    To start off, there are no miscellaneous trophies or collectibles to worry about here. Play through making whatever decisions you want. You will earn Bronze We’re Staying at the end of the act.

    [spoiler]Clem and AJ are kicked out of the school for the actions of the previous episode. However, they end up encountering two people from a larger raider group, one of whom is Lily from the first season. The duo manages to escape with the help of James, a former Whisperer, and return to the school to warn the others of the raiders’ plans.[/spoiler]

    Act 2

    • Go through the dialogues with Violet and Louis; you will eventually be tasked with finding a barbed wire in the old greenhouse.
    • MAKE A BACKUP SAVE HERE. Make sure you follow the next few steps exactly for a few trophies.
    • Outside the greenhouse, walk past Ruby to pick up the Wild Boar Skull (Silver  Gatherer 1/3).
    • Talk to Ruby.
    • Talk to Mitch.
    • Interact with the foggy glass.
    • Climb the ladder and kill the walkers inside.
    • Talk to Ruby again.
    • Talk to Mitch again.
    • Pick up a mushroom twice. The first is a collectible (Silver  Gatherer 2/3), the second will give you Bronze Edible.
    • Interact with the shearslawnmower, and shovel.
    • Interact with the flowerbed to get a trowel.
    • Try to open the cabinet.
    • Pick up the pry bar and use it on the cabinet to find the barbed wire.
    • Interact with the exposed laboratory door to enter the next area.
    • In the lab, pick up the venus flytrap (SilverGatherer 3/3).
    • Talk to Ruby.
    • Talk to Mitch.
    • Interact with the beakertest tubesflask, and chalkboard. This should unlock Bronze Botanist.
    • Once that trophy unlocks, you can safely interact with the propane tank and igniter.
    • Finish out the act however you wish to unlock Bronze Old Ghost.

    [spoiler]Clem and AJ return to the school, where AJ is treated for his injuries. Clem proposes a plan to defend against an inevitable raider attack and is sent to the greenhouse to collect barbed wire for the walls. They also discover the deceased school nurse, now a walker, in the greenhouses.[/spoiler]

    Act 3

    • When you are in your bedroom, place all three collectibles from Act 2 for Silver Personal Touch.
    • Pick a new shirt for AJ to wear, then blow out the candle.
    • There will be a weird and mostly uneventful dream sequence to play through.
    • Once you get outside, you will need to interact with pretty much everything. As long as you use , most everything is easy to find and at ground level. There is one interact point on top of the gate next to AJ and Tenn that can be easy to miss. Make sure to interact with Mitch, but save talking to Louis until last.
    • Interact with Rosie in the graveyard area to unlock Bronze Great Girl.
    • Once you have interacted with everything, Bronze Be Prepared will unlock.
    • Now, talk to Louis, choosing whatever dialogue you want, and you will pick up the bow.
    • You need to shoot the target 5 times by holding  to aim and then  to fire. You need to hit anywhere on the target. It is very tough to miss. This will unlock Bronze Sureshot.
    • Once you finish the bow training, you will be able to follow either Violet or Louis. It doesn’t matter which.
    • Play through the next few minutes with whichever character you chose. When given the option, don’t show any feelings beyond friendship. This will unlock Bronze Bonded.
    • Reload your backup save and play the section again. This time, show feelings and kiss Violet/Louis when given the chance. This will unlock Bronze Moving Fast.
    • The rest of Act 3 is a combination of quick-time events and combat once the raiders arrive. Your choices will influence the story, but not any trophies. There is a combat section where you will have to kill two waves of walkers using a bow and your knife, though you can’t use the knife against flaming walkers. Go for headshots with the bow, and focus on the walkers that are closest to you.
    • At the end of Act 3, you will unlock Bronze Deadeye and Silver Defender.

    [spoiler]Lily and four other raiders arrive to kidnap the children to help bolster their own forces. The group manages to use traps and bows to hold the raiders off, eventually resulting in Clem pushing raider Abel off a balcony. Depending on the player’s choices, certain members of the group will be captured or killed in the conflict. Once the raiders retreat, the group takes stock of what was lost, and vows to get revenge and rescue their captured friends.[/spoiler]

    Once you complete the third act, you should have all trophies complete for Episode 2, giving you 50% completion for the game on your trophy list.


    Act 1

    • After a few minutes of dialogue and dealing with the fallout from the raider attack, you will enter the basement. On the wall to your left is the school pennant (Silver Hunter 1/6).
    • Immediately after picking up the pennant, but before reaching Rosie, you will find the sketch pad on a shelf next to the boiler (Silver Hunter 2/6).
    • Interact with Rosie for Bronze Best Girl.
    • When you reach Abel, you will have to interrogate him in a specific way to unlock Bronze As A Mouse. However, the trophy won’t unlock until Act 3.
    • Let AJ wake Abel ().
    • Let Abel drink ().
    • Select “They’ve abandoned you” ().
    • Select “Fuck your war” ().
    • Let him smoke (the option in the center of his body).
    • Select “I hope so” ().
    • Let him sweat ()
    • Select “You’ll know soon enough” ().
    • Once you get the password (Rockingham), deal with Abel how you wish.
    • When you regain control of Clem while scoping out the raider boat, turn around and walk straight until you find a horseshoe on the ground (Silver Hunter 3/6).
    • Walk up behind Willy to find a rabbit’s foot next to a small tree (Silver Hunter 4/6).
    • You will now need to talk to each companion and scope out the boat, finding 10 specific items through the binoculars.
    • Talk to Willy; examine from left to right the raftssupplies, and torches.
    • Talk to Violet/Louis; examine from left to right the pathpier, and entrance on the ground, then the pilothouse and raiders on the upper level.
    • Talk to AJ; examine the torches and horses. This should unlock Bronze All-Seeing.
    • Continue playing as you wish until you find a group of walkers and meet back up with James. He will ask you to not kill any of the walkers in this section. You will need to run around either avoiding or stunning () walkers for about a minute. When you push the cart to draw them away, you will need to stun one walker that gets in the way. It is best to try and run a circle around the area to get all the walkers in a line behind you. If you get grabbed, let yourself be killed to try again. Completing this section without killing a walker will unlock the trophy Bronze Mercy.
    • In the next area, you will be outside of a barn. Before doing anything else, interact with the salt lick next to AJ and tell him to lick it (). He will, and you will get the trophy Bronze Did you lick it?
    • Just past AJ will be some wind chimes to pick up (Silver Hunter 5/6)
    • Walk past James to the nearby bales of hay and pick up the Beet Nick toy (Silver Hunter 6/6).
    • Talk to James and complete the rest of the Act however you wish to unlock Bronze Whispers.

    [spoiler]Clem and AJ interrogate Abel, in an attempt to learn the location of the raider camp. The kids scout the raiders’ nearby boat, and determine the only way to get on and rescue their friends is to lead a group of walkers there. Clem and AJ head off to get James’s help, but he is hesitant, no longer viewing walkers as monsters. Clem walks through a group of walkers wearing James’s mask, and he eventually agrees to help.[/spoiler]

    Act 2

    • You will regain control of Clem inside your room. Place all six collectibles to unlock Silver Feels Like Mine (the wind chimes hang from the ceiling fan, a spot that’s hard to see).
    • Once everything is placed, pick up the coffee heater to forward the story.
    • You’ll go through about 10-15 minutes of scenes and dialogue in your room and at a little party. Play through it however you want. Once AJ blows out the candle you will get Bronze Nightlight.
    • After completing another flashback/dream sequence, you’ll arrive at the boat. MAKE A BACKUP SAVE HERE.
    • You’ll spend a moment talking to James and the rest of the group, then begin the attack. You’ll need to hide behind walkers () whenever the spotlight is close to you until you reach the pier.
    • After a few more QTEs and a section where you avoid the spotlight, you’ll have to kill some walkers with the bow. You have to kill all of them with the bow rather than your knife to unlock Bronze Personal Space. If a walker grabs you, let yourself die, though you should at least have the backup save from right before the boat if something goes wrong.
    • Upon entering the boat you will get Bronze Shoreline for finishing Act 2.

    [sopiler]The surviving kids decide to have one final fun night with a little party at the school. Just before the attack, James asks Clem to keep AJ from turning into a killer, as James had been years prior. Clem, AJ, and Violet/Louis sneak onto the boat to find their friends and blow it up.[/spoiler]

    Act 3

    • After dodging the first guard inside the ship, another will notice you. Use  to give the password “Rockingham” that you got from Abel in Act 1. This will unlock Bronze As A Mouse.
    • Deal with another guard, either with a leg or headshot, and you will plant the bomb in the boiler.
    • Continue sneaking through the ship until things go wrong, at which point you’ll wake up in a locked cell. Before trying to do anything with the door, interact with the tally marks on the wall to unlock Bronze Tally.
    • Play out the rest of the Act however you want. Once you finish Act 3, you will get Silver Leader.
    • Note: if you want to set up the easier way to get a collectible in Episode 4, it is recommended to tell AJ to lower the gun, as this will automatically grant you a collectible in the next act.

    [spoiler]Clem’s group manages to plant the bomb in the boiler room, ensuring the ship’s eventual destruction. However, her group gets captured after finding the previously captured friends. As AJ is taken to the top of the ship, Clem manages to break everyone out before going to confront Lilly. Up top, a fight breaks out between Lilly’s soldiers and Clem, Tenn, AJ, and James. Everything culminates in Clem telling AJ whether or not to pull the trigger, and the bomb going off.[/spoiler]

    Upon completing Act 3, you should have all trophies complete for Episode 3, giving you 75% completion for your trophy list.


    Act 1

    • The episode will begin with some quick-time events to escape the boat.
    • After getting your bow back, if James died in the previous episode, AJ will automatically pick up his skin mask (Silver Survivor 1/4). It has been stated by some guides that this item does not count toward the item trophies for this episode, while others say that it is. Given that it can be placed at the end of the episode, and it shows up in the collectible list, you should probably be safe and make sure to get it.
    • If James is still alive, you will have another chance later in Act 1 to grab the mask.
    • Once you meet back up with the group, you will have to kill a number of walkers and humans to help everyone escape. The end of this section will force you to run through a small group with no weapons or defenses, so be sure to sprint with .
    • After entering the cave. MAKE A BACKUP SAVE HERE.
    • When you reach a cave, walk to the left, and you will be able to pick up a crystal next to the stream (Silver Survivor 2/4).
    • Now, walk to the right, and next to AJ you will find the Calypso Cauliflower toy (Silver Survivor 3/4).
    • Inside the cave, if James is still alive, an argument will break out. If you are mean and insulting to James, he will leave and drop his skin mask, still allowing you to collect it. If you are nicer to him, then he will leave with it.
    • Pick up the flint, stick, and cloth from the dead walker.
    • After crafting the torch and doing some quick-time events, you will get across the stream. MAKE A BACKUP SAVE HERE.
    • You will get to tell AJ whether or not he can be trusted to make tough decisions. The  option (“You’re not ready”) will lead to the trophy Bronze You and Me. The  option (“You’ve earned it) will lead to the trophy Bronze Goodbye.
    • After deciding whether or not to trust AJ, you will get out of the cave and earn Bronze Red Water for completing Act 1.

    [spoiler]With the boat destroyed, Clem and AJ help get most of the group to safety, but they, along with Tenn, end up separated. After escaping into a cave, AJ breaks down, and Clem can either tell him that he can be trusted to make hard choices, or that he is not yet ready.[/spoiler]

    Act 2

    • After exiting the cave, you will meet up with Violet/Louis and have to cross a bridge.
    • Here you will have to defend against a bunch of walkers and Minnie with QTEs and a bow sequence.
    • A character will die depending on your previous choice with AJ.
    • Upon climbing up the rocks to escape the walkers you will unlock either Bronze You and Me or Bronze Goodbye.
    • You’ll fight your way to James’s barn and deal with the walkers inside with a number of QTE and shooting sections.
    • Clem’s story will come full circle, and after making a final decision, you will unlock Bronze Final Lesson.

    [spoiler]The trio escapes the cave and meets back up with Violet or Louis. While trying to cross a bridge, a dying Minnie appears with a bunch of walkers. If AJ is trusted to make his own choices, Tenn will be killed to allow Violet/Louis to escape; Tenn will survive if AJ was not trusted. During the escape, Clem is bitten, and the two of them end up in James’s barn. After temporarily stopping the walkers, Clem has a final conversation with AJ, and he either leaves her to turn or kills her.[/spoiler]

    Act 3

    • The final act begins with a flashback sequence finally showing how Clem first rescued AJ after the events of the third game, including combat and QTEs. At the end of this section, you will get Bronze Promise.
    • After a short fishing segment, you will be in the fishing cabin as AJ. Pick up the skull fragment on the ground next to the rusted stove/oven (Silver Survivor 4/4).
    • You will obtain Clem’s hat after putting away your spear, unlocking Bronze Lost And Found.
    • The rest of the act is mostly cinematic and dialogue until you get back to your room. Place the final four collectibles to unlock Silver Home At Last. The trophy is supposed to unlock by placing all the collectibles in the episode, but it is actually glitched and will unlock for placing just one collectible.
    • Once you’ve finished placing the items and exploring the room, place Clem’s hat on the desk to complete the game, unlocking Gold Savior.

    [spoiler]AJ goes fishing and either find Clem’s hat floating down the stream, or reunites with Tenn who has found it. After returning to the school, it is revealed that AJ cut off Clem’s leg to prevent her from turning and that she is alive and well. The duo reminisces on everything that has happened throughout the game, and AJ places Clem’s hat in their room.[/spoiler]

    The Final Trophy

    With everything else done, reload the save from the cave in Act 1 and make the opposite choice. Play through Act 2 just as you did last time. Once you cross the bridge and climb the rocks, you will unlock either Bronze Goodbye or Bronze You And Me. Getting this trophy should also unlock the platinum trophy  The Final Season.


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