These are the Games with Gold games of July 2019

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    June is already over and that means new games added to the Games with Gold line-up on Xbox. Last weekend Microsoft release a video showcasing these new games.

    For the Xbox one, this months games includes the beloved indie title Inside, made by the same studio behind Limbo. Inside is available from July 1st till july 30th. You can also get the partygame Big Crown: showdown from July 16th till August 15th.

    Unlike PlayStation, Xbox still offers 2 last-gen games in their monthly Games with Gold line-up. This months games are Castlevania: Symphony of the Night from July 1th till July 15th and Meet the Robinsons between July 16th and the 31th of July.

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    You also can still get one of lasts months Rivals of Aether untill July 15th. So get that while you still can.

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