Things You Can Only Do In Like A Dragon

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    To keep up with the Like A Dragon theme, we wanted to highlight a few things that are unique to the franchise. Some things stand out as an experience which you can’t get in many or any other places. So let’s check out some Things You Can Only Do In Like A Dragon.

    Unique World State

    Things You Can Only Do In Like A Dragon - Walking With Haruka

    Unlike most games out there, Ryu Ga Gotoku games feature a pretty interesting world rule. This is the Exploration and Combat states. Throughout all the Yakuza games, the adventure has been divided into two main world states, where there is an automatic switch from one state to another at the start and end of the battle. This also serves as an off feel to the games where Exploration is a more calming and peaceful theme, on the other side there is the faster-paced and aggressive Combat State. In later games, built off the Dragon Engine, make this more seamless, and even Ishin, built on the Unreal Engine, features this.

    Interesting Narrative

    Almost all the games in the Like A Dragon franchise feature a central character as the protagonist. However, this is not the same in all the games. Kazuma Kiryu, known to the world as The Dragon Of Dojima, is featured as the hero of most of the games, being replaced by Ichiban Kasuga in the latest games. Although Kiryu is at the centre of the tales he is not always meant to be, the same with Ichiban. Telling stories from conspiracies, to events that are personal, Like A Dragon has lots of twists and turns.

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    Trip Through Time

    Set against the backdrop of almost exclusively a single district in Tokyo, known as Kamurocho, Like A Dragon spans a time period of 30 years. Throughout this time frame, you get to see this little area of one of the busiest cities develop and change in so many ways. From 1988 when Japan was in the height of its financial time known as The Bubble, all the way to 2023 where we see the city in a more modern time in Lost Judgment. While Kamurocho has been focused on there are a number of other cities within the Like A Dragon franchise but only one other is recurring, which is Sotenbori. Both of these cities change over the lifetime of the franchise and are prime examples of how times change.

    Compelling Characters and Development

    Although we addressed Kiryu and Ichiban, there is an entire cast of characters to back them up, the likes of Date, Haruka, and even the homeless, there are so many unique characters who develop the stories. Although the biggest drives are normally Haruka, Date or a playable character in Kiryu’s stories, and one of the party members in Ichiban’s case, they still develop and drive the story forward. Each one of them with the same sense of the “human” entity that the protagonists have, making them just as good as the leading role. This is also done to make the player feel an emotional connection to the characters meaning that the player gets more invested in the story and the events the characters are in.

    A wide Variety of Activities

    Like most games, there are a wide range of activities to undertake. There are an incredible amount of side activities that you can partake in ranging from Baseball, Golf, and even Mahjong. While there are a wide range of things to do they are really only side activities. Changing from game to game, some of them are unique to certain titles in the series like MesuKing, Dance, and Ping Pong. Whatever title you dive into there is lots to explore outside the story, with most titles having nearly 20 unique side activities to experience.

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