Thy Sword Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 4/10
    Estimated time to platinum/100%: 1/2 hours
    Missable trophies: 1
    Gold Loot!
    Glitched trophies: None
    difficulty related: None
    Playthrough: 1


    Welcome to the Thy Sword Trophy Guide! Break the tyranny of the Dark Overlord. by obtaining the ancient crystals of power and overcome its rules.
    This game is developed by Game Phase and published by Ratalaika Games


    Step 1: Tutorial

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    During this step, select the tutorial level to learn the basics of the game and complete it to get ready for your journey.

    You’ll be earning this trophy:

    Silver Ready for Battle

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    Step 2: Collect all 5 Crystals and miscellaneous trophies

    On this step, focus on collecting the 5 crystals needed to unlock the final area of the game. Crystals are obtained after defeating the boss of a specific area. 
    These areas are:

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    • Ur-Berg (Spider Queen boss);
    • Borg (Lurking Horror boss);
    • Fiery Mountains (Dragon Lord boss);
    • Ancient Ruins (Lich King & Queen boss)
    • Thorn (Sorcerer of Thorn boss)

    Also, remember to complete the Dura-Las area to find the secret treasure room (check Gold Loot! trophy description for more details).
    However, is advised to complete all the areas of the game to collect all the miscellaneous trophies required for the platinum:

    Heads Up: use the attack to kill an enemy;
    : hit a crow that is holding a key and pick it up;
    Bullseye: throw an arrow and let it hits you back;
    Silver Marksman
    : kill a bat enemy with an arrow;
    : get killed by a red explosive barrel
    Gold Ring the Bell:
    hit the lantern on the “choose character” screen (image in the trophy description);
    Gold Head Collector
    : use the attack to kill 15 enemies.

    At the beginning of the game, you can choose between 2 characters:
    – The Barbarian: you will start the game with a broadsword only (you can buy the bow later) and he’s strong.
    – The Valkyrie: you will start the game with a short sword and a longbow but she’s weaker than the barbarian. 

    You can select between 3 difficulties:

    • Apprentice: purchased items will remain upon death and you will have infinite credits (recommended);
    • Adventurer: purchased items will remain after dying but you will just have 3 credits;
    • Hero: one life only.

    Most of the areas are composed of 5 days which are 5 levels you need to clear before completing a specific area. To be able to survive a day, you have to kill all the enemies on that day.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: if you die in one of the days, a retry screen will appear. ALWAYS choose “NO“. This way you restart the game from the day where you have died. If you choose “YES” you will restart the entire area from day 1. 

    While completing all the areas, 

    During this step should earn the above-mentioned trophies and these trophies too:

    Gold Loot!
    Gold Arachnicide
    Gold Back to the Abyss
    Gold Dragonslayer
    Gold Might Over Magic
    Gold Pile of Bones
    Gold Unite The Crystals

    Step 3: Finish the game

    Now it’s time to finish the game and earn the last trophy missing. 
    After getting all the 5 crystals, you will unlock the final area: The dark tower. This area is always composed of 5 days (levels) and the last one is a boss fight against the Dark Overlord who is the hardest boss of the game (check Gold Victory! trophy description for more details). 

    After beating it, you’ll earn the following trophies:

    Gold Victory!
    40-platinum Platinum Hero

    Trophy Guide:

    Platinum Hero
    Get all other trophies.
    Heads Up
    Headchop an enemy.

    Refer to the Gold Head Collector trophy description.

    Get the key to a chest.

    On some levels, you will find a crow that is holding a key. To get the key, simply try to hit this enemy and he will drop it on the floor. After that, simply pick up the key to open the chest and get the trophy.

    NOTE: To easily hit this type of enemy, it’s better to use the arrow as it will fly away if you get to close.

    Get hit by your own arrow.

    If you choose the Valkyre at the beginning of the game, you will already have the bow; if not, you can purchase it from the merchant located at the end of every area.
    To get this trophy, move on a place without platforms upon you, aim above your head, and let the arrow hit you back.

    Kill a flying enemy with an arrow.

    In most of the levels, you will find bats as enemies. Kill one of them with your bow to get the trophy.

    Get killed by an explosive barrel.

    In most of the levels, you will find red explosive barrels. To get this trophy, hit one of them when you only have 1HP to kill yourself.

    Ready For Battleupscale-245262160018212
    Finish the tutorial.

    When you start the game, you can do a little tutorial which lets you learn the basics of the game. After completing it, you will get the trophy.

    Ring The BellGold
    Hit the lantern on the title screen.

    When you have to select the character at the beginning of the game, you can see a lantern on the right. To get the trophy, hit it with your sword or arrow.
    Here an image that shows the location of the lantern.

    Find the secret gate to the loot room.


    The secret room is located on day 5 of 5 in the Dura-Las area. At the beginning of this day, move to the right and jump down the gap to discover a room full of gold and unlock this trophy.

    Head CollectorGold
    Chop 15 heads enemies in one game.

    To get this trophy, you have to kill an enemy with your attack. 
    This attack will instantly kill almost every enemy but requires some practice to master it. 
    When you press , your character will do some pirouettes towards the enemy and then hit it so make sure to be a little distant from the enemy you want to kill.

    Kill the Spider Queen.

    To get this trophy, you have to kill the Spider Queen boss which is found on day 5 of 5 in the Ur-Berg area.

    If you have the bow, you can hit her from the ground but if you only have the sword you have to climb the various ropes in the room to be able to hit her. When you damage her, she will run towards you; avoid this attack and smash her with your sword. She also spawns some little spiders that will poison you if they hit you.

    After killing her, she will drop you the Eye of the Widow Crystal useful for unlocking the final area of the game. 

    Back To The AbyssGold
    Kill the Lurking Horror.

    The lurking horror is the final boss of the Borg area. He will have 4 tentacles that keep moving and shooting at you. After some hits, you will destroy a tentacle and the real boss will show up in the middle. Head there and keep slashing him. Be aware that he will shoot 2 lasers that you can avoid by jumping over it while hitting him.

    After killing him he will drop you the Aegir’s Tear crystal which is needed to unlock the final area of the game.

    Kill the Dragon Lord.

    The dragon lord is the boss of the final day of the Fiery Mountains area. This boss has various attacks:

    • Flamethrower: he will fire flames from his mouth while standing on the right of the map. you can avoid it by jumping over the 2 platforms on your left;
    • Flying flames: he will fly back and forth the map while firing flames. You can avoid it by moving on the right or left of the map based on the dragon’s direction. Pay attention to the fire on the ground;
    • Meteors: he will fly above the map and some meteors will start to fall from the sky. Avoid them by moving.
    • Tailwhip: if you stand so close to him, he can hit you with his tail. To avoid it, simply jump and keep hitting him with your sword.

    After killing him, he will drop you the Dragonheart crystal which is needed to unlock the final area of the game.

    Might Over MagicGold
    Kill the Sorcerer of Thorn.

    The sorcerer of thorns is the boss of the final stage of the Thorn area. He’s quite simple to defeat as he just has 2 Types of attacks but can be annoying because he keeps teleporting and he creates clones.

    When he creates his clones, the real one will blur when he reappears so pay attention and rapidly reach him to hit him. Be careful to the magic spheres he will shoot until you hit him again.

    After killing him he will drop you the Dying Star crystal which is needed to unlock the final area of the game.

    Pile of BonesGold
    Kill the Lich King & Queen.

    The lich king and queen are the two bosses of the final stage of the Ancient Ruins Area.

    While fighting, focus on the king who keeps moving around the map while rotating his weapon. However, pay attention to the queen that stays in the upper area of the map and shoots lightings at you.

    Also, watch out to the pikes and poison puddles on the floor and remember that the grey platforms of the area they will disappear after you jump over them. 

    When you kill the king, the queen will also die and they will drop the Crown of Death crystal.

    Unite the CrystalsGold
    Gain all five crystals.

    You will get a crystal after defeating each of the 5 bosses of the game. When you get them all, you will unlock the last area of the game and unlock this trophy.

    These crystals are:

    • Eye of the Widow: earned after beating the Spider Queen;
    • Aegir’s Tear: earned after defeating the Lurking Horror;
    • Dragonheart: earned after killing the Dragon Lord;
    • Crown of Death: earned after defeating the Lich King & Queen;
    • Dying Star; earned after killing the Sorcerer of Thorn.

    If you are struggling with a boss fight, you can check this video by Dino_Roar Gaming:

    Finish the game.

    You will get this trophy after defeating the Dark Overlord who is the last boss of the game.
    To be able to defeat him, you first have to defeat all the other five bosses of the game and get all the crystals.
    This boss fight can require a lot of tries, but after learning all his attacks, he can be easily defeated.  

    This boss is the hardest one and the fight is set in 2 phases:

    1. During the first phase, he will be a knight with a lot of health; His attacks are:
      – slashing attacks: when he raises his sword above his shoulder, he will perform a combo of 3 attacks;
      – Smashing attack: when he jumps, he will smash his sword to the ground;
      – Magic attack #1 and #2: he will raise his sword to the sky and then stuck it to the ground creating flames that will cover all the floor. Then he will repeat it but he will throw you spinning swords all around him;
      – Magic attack #3: he will raise his sword to the sky and start rising while creating some swords that will fall to the ground.   
    2. after defeating him, he will transform into a demon. This phase is easier as he will just have 2 types of attacks:
      – bouncing bullets: he will create some glowing bullets that will bounce around the map until they disappear;
      – spinning swords: he will throw you a lot of spinning swords from both hands.

    Here a fantastic video provided by Dino_Roar Gaming that shows how to beat it:


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