Turnip Boy Robs A Bank Review

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    Turnip Boy Robs A Bank is a roguelike shooter where Turnip Boy returns, but this time as a bank robber trying to make a quick buck. Here is our Turnip Boy Robs A Bank Review.

    The game was developed by Snoozy Kazoo and published by Graffiti Games, it was released on January 18, 2024, for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

    Turnip Boy is back with a new adventure. After defeating a god and surviving an off-screen war, the world is in shambles and Turnip Boy is out of money, but so are his dad’s old mob friends. They ask Turnip Boy for some help robbing the biggest bank in the area, but this bank is not a normal bank. After the war, it seems like a lot of the people took shelter here and transformed the area into a livable space for different types of people. During the story, you will meet many people from the 1st game and see how the war and your actions in the 1st game affected them.

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    The story is just as wacky as the 1st game but due to how the game is structured as a Roguelite, it does feel a lot smaller and just overall not as big in terms of progression that you make. You will end up going the same route over and over again and if you are going to want to complete all the side-missions, you will also end up doing nothing some runs do to bad elevator RNG. The elevators will be random but you can see what elevator there is by looking at the doors, but some dont help like the base doors and the vault ones, because there are a few variations of those and you will not know what one it is until you actually go through the doors. It’s a fun but annoying mechanic at times, while guiding our editor Mike through the game, he had to throw about 4/5 runs just because he couldn’t find the DJ room.

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    The roguelike elements are used perfectly in the game, there are weapons, repeatable bosses, and a perfectly implemented story to it, something a lot of the roguelikes I’ve played seem to struggle with. Most of the time they do only a few things right and 1 of the elements seems to be missing or just not be that good, but here in Turnip Boy, everything is a perfect fit. There is a nice variation in enemies, but it does get kind of crazy when you get to the 4th area, here a lot of new enemies get introduced and have more strange attack patterns than the enemies in the other areas.

    In each corner of the map are bosses to defeat, they are very hard on your first try, but when you get the hang of the game you will make quick work of them and will even need to defeat them more later on in the game. They also drop a cool weapon only the boss can drop, they are pretty strong, but not really needed because the guns you get for leveling and one you get during the story are also pretty powerful on their own. In the world are also weapons that enemies drop, some are parodies like a Thanos glove, but there are also just regular guns with a “green touch” to them to make them plant-based.

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    A fun but short experiance that sadly limits itself by being a roguelike

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    A fun but short experiance that sadly limits itself by being a roguelikeTurnip Boy Robs A Bank Review