VideoGame Clones That Are Better Than Their Inspiration

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    Welcome to Team Tuesday. Here we look at a recent or upcoming game and talk about something related to that game or just tell some tales of our video game adventures. This week we will finally see the Saints Row The Third remaster coming to the next gen consoles.

    There are a lot of copies and samples out there that feel the same. Everything gets copied nowadays, music, games and even (our) trophy guides are being copied. Most of the time their are kinda bad and not as good as the origional. But what are some games that did do it right.

    So this week we answer: What are some VideoGame Clones That Are Better Than Their Inspiration?

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    We will all have a favourite series but when it comes down to it, which is the original when we compare the Medal of Honour & Call of Duty franchises?

    It all started in 2002 with the release of the original wartime first-person shooter “Medal of Honor: Allied Assault” and it wasn’t until late 2003 where we saw our first Call of Duty title. Call of Duty was clearly a clone at the time and was even developed by pretty much the same team as Medal of Honor. At the time EA (developers of MoH) decided to take the series in-house, leaving a team on the outside looking to work with new management; this is where Activision came along and the Call of Duty franchise began.

    Not original, but highly superior in my opinion; Call of Duty is a clone that is better than its inspiration.

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    So my pick this week is one of my favorite games ever, Saints Row, the game this week is based on. Saints Row 2 was my 1st ever game I got on the PlayStation 2 and fell in love right away. I had played Grand Theft Auto Vice City and a few others before. but there was a problem. I was so young when I played those and so I had no idea what to do other than shoot. Saints Row made it feel more simple and more logical.

    Since then i never stopped loving the series and picking up the new games day 1. like the Saints Row The Third Remaster that is hopefully gonna be dropped in the mailbox soon.

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    If you have to imitate something or someone, make sure to do it the best you can.
    This rule also applies to videogames in my opinion.

    Unfortunately, there are a lot of clones that don’t get any closer to the original ones and result in a complete disaster.
    However, some of them were a huge success and overpassed the original game from where they took inspiration.
    That’s the case of the Guitar Hero saga which took inspiration from an older videogame: GuitarFreaks released by Konami 7 years before.

    GuitarFreaks has the same mechanics and gameplay of every Guitar Hero game. Furthermore, they share the same type of controller and devices. If that’s not a clone… I don’t know what a real one could be!
    However, Activision and Red Octane reworked the entire game and did an amazing job with the Guitar Hero saga.
    It became one of the best music rhythm games of all time and got the worldwide success it deserved.

    My choice this week, Minecraft, and I know what you might be thinking. Isn’t Minecraft the game that is cloned and not the game that is a clone? Yes and no. You see, Minecraft is constantly cloned e.g. Block Craft 3D, but, did you know that before Minecraft there was a game called Infiniminer. This game single-handedly inspired Minecraft.

    You know what they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. It’s just unfortunate that most imitations are a whole lot worse than the original thing they’re trying to copy. But, sometimes you get something that is truly on par, or leagues above the original inspiration. I’m sure everyone has experienced both sides of this. For me though, I wanna talk about the good side, and that side starts with a game called The Surge.

    Now, The Surge is done in the vein of Dark Souls. It’s slow, methodical, and can destroy you in a second if you aren’t prepared. The bosses take practice and strategy, the areas are ripe with enemies that need to be slain, and it’s all done in a sci-fi fashion. Now, I love Dark Souls. It’s fun, and the bosses are awesome, but I find The Surge does it better. But I’m a big Sci-Fi person. If anything can be done in space, I’m all for it! Easily the one thing that Surge has over Dark Souls, is that you get to chop your opponent’s limbs off! Want that armor piece? Chop the leg off. Want that weapon? Chop the arm off! It’s so satisfying, and bloody to have this gameplay style. So instead of waiting for the weapon to drop upon death, you just take it. Also, all the bosses are big deadly robots. So pretend you’re beating down Skynet and Terminators, and it’s a win-win!

    I love The Surge. If anyone asked me for a Dark Souls clone that fun and exciting, I’d pick that in a heartbeat. It’s taking everything I have to not play The Surge 2 as it sits on my shelf and stares at me. But one day, I will, and I’ll fall in love all over again.


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