Wario Land 3 Review

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    Wario Land 3 is a platformer set in a world inside a music box where Wario is trapped in. Here is our Wario Land 3 Review.

    The game was developed by Nintendo R&D1 and published by Nintendo, This version was originally released on March 21, 2000, for the Gameboy Color. It’s currently also available on the Nintendo Switch Online Gameboy Service, this is also the version we played to review the game.

    In the story, Wario crashes his plane and while inside a cave, he gets transported inside a music box, there he is tasked by a mysterious figure that he needs to find a few music boxes inside this world to escape. During the game itself isn’t that much story, but it does have a beginning and end, and the story it tells is honestly pretty good and interesting, especially for a Gameboy Color game.

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    For some reason, I was miserable playing this game. The controls felt clunky, the maps annoying and confusing and the lack of direction made it a hellscape at times. I even had to find a roadmap and use it to figure out what I needed to do, and even with that, I got stuck not being able to find the right chest or key making it a pain to play. When you get the hang of the game, it can be a lot of fun, no denying that, but it just ends up feeling very sluggish at times due to the age and hardware it was originally released on.

    The nice thing about this game is that you can’t die or lose health something that is a big thing for me because I would get annoyed pretty quickly with games from this era, but when you get hit by some enemies they do change you at times and give you a power you sometimes need to use to progress but sometimes those same powers can work against you pretty badly. This sadly isn’t really explained in the game, so at first I was pretty annoyed and confused with what to do, but of course, google was the help in need again to figure that out. At times I loved that mechanic and sometimes absolutely hated it, but it really depends on the power I guess. The game just felt really advanced for its time on the Gameboy Color

    A visual hit-and-miss, some things looked great, like the world and the majority of the enemies, but some other things like the map and Wario himself just looked awful for some reason, but when he got hit and got some powers, they all looked pretty cool.

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    A great game that just didnt age that well.

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    A great game that just didnt age that well.Wario Land 3 Review