Wrecking Crew Review

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    Wrecking Crew is one of the 1st Mario games to be ever released, this game is one of the outsiders from Mario’s regular gameplay. Here is our Wrecking Crew Review.

    The game is developed by Nintendo R&D1 and published by Nintendo, This version was originally released on May 26, 1985, for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It’s currently also available on the Nintendo Switch Online NES Service.

    Wrecking Crew has a pretty simple concept, but it can be a bit hard to actually play at times. You need to open a door, put an enemy through it, and then have the enemy follow you while it can’t damage you, get it behind an object, and then hit it with your hammer, but it’s easier said than done.

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    The game doesn’t really explain to you what you need to do or what the goal is, so that was already a bit of a pain, and when they start introducing new things in the 2nd level you are fully on your own. In that level, doors start to reopen again after a few seconds and then they become hostile again, but getting them to a place to actually hit them is a massive pain right from the get-go.

    Pretty quickly, the game turns pretty boring, comparing it to the Super Mario game, this did not age well in any way. Maybe only if you have played it a long time ago or want to check it out while going on a classic Mario trip, I do not think this is worth spending your time on.

    The visuals are fine, it’s nothing really special, but for that time, it’s not that bad and also not as hard to understand what is going on, unlike some other games from around that time.

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    • Dex Fragg

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    Not fun, slow and just a bit annoying

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    Not fun, slow and just a bit annoyingWrecking Crew Review