Yakuza 0 Review

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    Yakuza 0 tells the story of both Kiryu and Majima in the 80s years before the events of Yakuza and tells their backstory. Here is our Yakuza 0 Review.

    The game was developed by Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio and published by Sega, it was originally released on March 12, 2015, for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 in Japan, but was released in the rest of the world on January 24 2017 for only the PlayStation 4.

    The story serves as a prequel to the original game and it does a damn good job. It’s mainly about uncovering who owns a plot of land and a few of the yakuza families that are trying to buy that land. But there are so many twists and turns, that talking about it more honestly kind of spoils the game a bit. You play as both Kiryu and Majima but in their early years in, or out, of the Yakuza. They go against the grain of the families and try to do things their way and are against the group they used to trust.

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    As someone who never played another game in the series, I would say this is a great game to start with, even though it came out pretty late in the franchise. It does tease some things that come into play later in the franchise, but if you don’t know yet, it just flies right over your head as a teaser. For instance one of the side stories where you are talking to a fortune teller that says that you spend some time in jail, referencing the start of the 1st Yakuza game where Kiryu just leaves prison.

    Yakuza 0 Review - Kiryu

    Majima is a lot different from the other Yakuza games and is more like a dog on a leash than the crazy guy most people love him for, but it has its reasons. It does also make him a tiny bit boring at times but he does feel very grounded and more realistic than some of the stuff Kiryu goes through. They both have their own mode as well with a pretty big side story. Kiryu is running a real estate business and Majima is doing a Cabarete Club, they have their gameplay elements to them and feel like a pretty big side mode. The Cabarete Club has a lot more replayability but is at the same time a bit more boring as well.

    For Kiryu’s mode, you need to buy up businesses and upgrade them, and in between you meet some of the real estate kingpins, defeat them in some challenges, and battle them to gain more ground. It’s pretty basic, but it’s a tycoon-type game and I have a personal love for those, so that was a massive plus for me. Majima’s mode was a bit more boring mainly due to the set time it takes which is not great, during Kiryu’s mode I was able to do some substories while the cash and influence went up, but for Majima you need to keep doing this mini-game that takes at least 3 minutes and you will need to do it a lot. You need to make customers happy by giving them the right hostess and completing some minor questions that you need to answer based on the hostess’s hand gestures and the customer’s mood.

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    Besides those modes, there are also 100 sub-stories (side-missions) to do and some friendships to make, you might think that is already a lot, and it is, but there are also a ton of mini-games to play like Darts, Bowling, Arcade machines, Claw machines and more. Some of these games are kinda intertwined and you need to do them for some of the substories some substories even unlock new mini-games in the arcade as well.

    For a game that also was released on the PlayStation 3, the graphics are insane, I did play the version on the Xbox Series X and it showed, and all the cutscenes looked so realistic that when I showed my friend a cutscene from the game he thought it was a movie at first. but the variation in cutscenes is a bit off-putting at times, especially when they do the slideshow-type ones where it’s just some images and text. But that is not the only variation in quality, the in-game cutscenes also sometimes feel a bit stiff when they just stand around talking and when the cam is not moving much, but this is only an issue during the sub-stories.

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    An amazing story with just a ton to do besides the main game. With its 2 side modes alone it offers plenty of extra to do and with the fun substories you will have days of playtime.

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    An amazing story with just a ton to do besides the main game. With its 2 side modes alone it offers plenty of extra to do and with the fun substories you will have days of playtime.Yakuza 0 Review