Yakuza 5 Remastered Review

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    Yakuza 5 Remastered has Kiryu and friends uncover a new mystery that takes them all over Japan. Here is our Yakuza 5 Remastered Review.

    It was developed by Ryū Ga Gotoku Studios and published by SEGA, it was released on June 20, 2019, for PlayStation 4, and later for Xbox One, and PC.

    Kiryu is back, but not alone again, besides 2 playable characters returning from Yakuza 4, we also got 1 familiar face and a brand new character you can play as. The game is so filled with twists and mysteries like you are used to with this series, but this time it gets brought to even another level as you are not sure who to trust and the bad guy could be anyone you meet. Kiryu has been away for a while working as a taxi driver for the past 6 months to distance himself from Haruka so she can pursue a new dream of her, becoming an Idol. But because Kiryu has a past as Yakuza and a big one at that, he had to hide and go under a new name so nobody could find him.

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    After a few chapters, we switch to Saejima he has to go back to jail for doing a jailbreak in Yakuza 4, so his story is very linear, and honestly the worst part is it just very dragged out and boring, but it does get a little bit better for him later in the chapter. Then we go to the 1st new playable character, Haruka. After a few games, she is finally playable, and while she doesn’t fight, the game shifts to something that could be a whole game on its own. For her, you do dance battles that are little rhythm games. Haruka’s part is extremely lengthy but it is so good that I kind of want to see more as a spin-off, but I dont know where the story takes us after 5, so I have no clue if that’s even possible.

    Yakuza 5 Remastered Review - Haruka Gameplay

    In that same part, you also get to play as Akiyama, who is setting up a branch in Sotobori (where Haruka is as well). Turns out, Akiyama knows Haruka’s boss Park-san so he and Haruka get connected pretty quickly into his bit and makes you able to switch between the two characters, his Sanji combat skills are back with the epic kicks and it does feel improved over the combat he had in Yakuza 4, so that’s a big relieve making him more fun to play as. As his story goes, he is just trying everything he can to support and help out Haruka with her part of the mystery.

    Finally, there is the new guy, Tatsuo Shinada, he is a very good baseball player, but due to false match-fixing accusations, he got a lifetime ban after his 1st match and 1st homerun. This basically destroyed his life and now he lives in a shed somewhere being poor 15 years later. somehow this all ties back into the mystery that the rest of the crew is solving and a mystery man is paying Shinada 30 million yen to try and figure out who was actually behind the match-fixing. His story is a bit slower and laid back, but right after the dancing and kicking, it does feel like a nice change of phase and the story on his part is actually pretty good as well.

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    After playing Yakuza 4, this is a nice surprise, while being skeptical in the beginning with the multiple characters due to it not being that great in 4, I was extremely surprised with how much better they executed it here. At the same time, 5 characters did end up being a bit much, especially Seajima due to its linear state. In the end, I rather would have watched a 1-hour cutscene or an extended version of the other characters’ side to this.

    The game is pretty similar to 4, but the changes that they did make are very welcome, it does enough to make it stand out, but most of it is limited to Haruka’s side of the game, the rest does not change that much other that each of the characters has their own sub-story with their own mechanics. For Kiryu you are a taxi driver, for Seajima you are a hunter, Shinada has baseball training and Haruka has some Idol stuff to do.

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    The visuals are a clear improvement and come a lot closer to a PS4-gen game, but there are still some things that look a bit off, and that is mainly the CGI cutscenes, they have a bit of a blocky look to them, but the in-game rendered cutscenes look absolutely amazing. Another minor visual thing that is off is some of the NPCs, some look amazing and then you have a few outliers that just look absolutely terrible for some reason.

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    After the series low point in Yakuza 4, this game really sets the tone with its major improvement to the format they tried out there.

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    After the series low point in Yakuza 4, this game really sets the tone with its major improvement to the format they tried out there.Yakuza 5 Remastered Review