Yakuza 6: The Song of Life – The Secret of Onomichi Guide

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    Welcome to our Yakuza 6: The Song of Life The Secret of Onomichi Guide. As Kazuma Kiryu, you will delve deeper into the seedy underworld of Onomichi, a coastal town that hides dangerous secrets. In this guide, we provide you with tips and strategies to help you successfully complete the mission. Whether you’re a seasoned Yakuza player or new to the series, this guide will help you get the most out of your experience and emerge victorious. So let’s get started!

    Although Song of Life is an easy game to complete there is 1 slightly irritating part to the game, if you have played it you know what is being referred to here. In Chapter 12 there is a part of the game where you need to solve a code, this code is:


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    Upon revealing this code your allies will inform you to look around town without any real guidance. This is all well and good but you can be left not knowing where to go or what to look for. The main idea is that there are some hints around town that will guide you to what to do next and the code is the Cypher which the hints will decript. To help you along this a simple cheat sheet was constructed, there is a total of 9 hints around town that you will need to find. Below are maps directing you to where to find them.

    This is all well and good but there has been no mention of what you are looking for. The items you are seeking are stone tablets with poems inscribed on them, they have been marked up in the best order in which to hit them and below you can find a visual representation of them.

    1: Amid the Gravestones

    This is the first tablet that you are likely to find in Onomichi when you start Chapter 3. It is sandwiched between the buildings and just down from both the Navy Appartments and conveniently next to the Shishido St Safe.

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    2: A Labyrinth of Houses

    This second tablet is on the main road that runs through Onomichi, it’s really hard to miss as it’s located at the bottom of the Footbridges ramp and next to the path to the First Hill.

    3: While Rooftops Gleam

    The third tablet is on its own and at the Ropeway station. Located behind the Taxi point you can find a gate and right next to that gate is the tablet.

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    4: As Soldiers Pass

    The fourth tablet is one of the easiest and is located on the stairs up to Ryunan Shrine. Realistically you will pass by it a few times while going through Onomichi, and it is also highlighted in the background of the substory A Freaky Situation.

    5: Hunger

    The fifth is not far from the previous one on the list, continuing up to the top of the Shrine make a sharp right and you should see the tablet under the tree, before heading down Ryunan Shrine Alley. This one is highlighted in the background of the substory The Fools Who Dream.

    6: And what of the Islands

    The sixth is located outside the Cemetery on Cemetery Hill. There is an L-shaped turn from First Hill and this one is located in the corner of the L, the image above shows it next to a telegraph post.

    7: What Tranquility

    The seventh tablet is the last one in Onomichi’s town area. This one is located on the point where Hilltop Path meets Second Hill, just before you head up to Senkoji Temple. following either path will get you to the tablet and you will pass by it a few times while running around Onomichi.

    8: Under the Shadow of the Sun

    The eighth tablet is in Senkoji Temple. You might have seen it in the Cut Scene where you go to teach some Yakuza a lesson in chapter 3, but in case you didn’t you can find it behind the benches.

    9: Around a Weather-Worn Boulder

    The ninth and final tablet is located on the Mt. Senkoji Observation Deck. Hidden behind the wall and next to the gate to take you to Senkoji Temple you can find this final tablet. It can be seen in the background of the cut scene when you meet a Tojo member here near the end of Chapter 5.

    The Grave!

    With all nine of the tablets found you will want to head back to the Hirose Office to continue, once there you will be given your next location. To save time you will be heading to the Graveyard.

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