Historical Settings We’d Love To See In Assassin’s Creed

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    Assassin’s Creed is widely recognized for its rich historical narratives, allowing players to experience diverse eras and locations from ancient Egypt to revolutionary America. The immersive and meticulously designed settings make each installment a thrilling adventure. However, there are still various uncharted territories and epochs left for exploration. Let’s check out some Historical Settings We’d Love To See In Assassin’s Creed games down the line, each ripe with potential for intriguing storylines, compelling characters, and captivating environments.

    World War II (WW2)

    Historical Settings We'd Love To See In Assassin's Creed - WW2

    Immerse yourself in the gripping era of the 1930s and 1940s, when the world was engulfed in the deadliest conflict in history. Navigate the perilous landscapes of war-torn Europe as a skilled assassin, navigating behind enemy lines to sabotage the Axis powers’ war efforts. Witness historical events, mingle with the key figures of the era, and influence the outcome of the war. The WW2 setting offers a unique blend of historical authenticity, action-packed gameplay, and a rich narrative arc.

    The Wild West

    Game in image: Wild West Dynasty

    Imagine galloping across the vast deserts and rugged mountains of the American West during the late 1800s. The Wild West era, with its lawless frontier towns, legendary outlaws, and epic conflicts between settlers and indigenous tribes, is an untapped reservoir for Assassin’s Creed. Engage in high-stakes train heists, navigate fraught relations with Native American tribes, and dodge bullets in epic showdowns, all while exploring the majestic landscapes of the Old West.

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    Feudal Japan

    Game in image: Ghost of Tsushima

    Step into the ancient and mystic realm of Feudal Japan, a time characterized by samurais, ninjas, and warring states. The breathtaking scenery of historical Japan, complete with majestic castles, serene temples, and blooming cherry blossoms, provides a captivating backdrop for an assassin’s adventures. Master the art of stealth, samurai swordplay, and traditional martial arts to navigate intricate political intrigues and epic battles.

    Dutch Golden Age

    Venture into the 17th century, a period of unprecedented wealth, art, and maritime power for the Dutch Republic. The Dutch Golden Age offers a rich tableau for exploration, from bustling port cities filled with merchants from around the world to the intricate world of Dutch art and culture. Engage in naval warfare, uncovering political conspiracies, and delve into the art world to encounter iconic historical figures and events. We were at one point close to getting a game by the creator of Assassin’s Creed set in that era called Amsterdam 1666 and it is still in the works, so we might actually see this happen someday.

    Aztec Empire

    Game in image: Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    Travel further back in time to the formidable Aztec Empire in modern-day Mexico. The unique and sophisticated civilization, marked by impressive pyramids, advanced astronomical knowledge, and brutal human sacrifices, presents ample opportunities for exploration and intrigue. As an assassin, navigate the intricate social hierarchy, contribute to the rich cultural tapestry, and uncover ancient secrets while navigating the tensions between the Aztecs and the encroaching Spanish conquistadors.

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