Our Courage Cologne 2023 Recap

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    As part of our Gamescom 2023 coverage, we also went to the Courage Cologne 2023 event held the night before Gamescom. Here we got to check out some great indies that are developed by some incredible indie developers. Here is Our Courage Cologne 2023 Recap and everything we checked out there.

    Altered Alma

    Altered Alma is a cyberpunk-style Metroidvania game coming out in either 2024 or 2025 and is developed by 2Awesome Studios. The game has some high-quality pixel art, a seemingly cool and original story, and just a fun gameplay loop that is not too punishing to newbies to the genre like me.

    You can wishlist Altered Alma on Steam right now.

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    Dante’s Hotel

    Sadly, this game was not playable due to the demo being broken, but they did share a nice video of the game and told us all about its story.

    You can wishlist Dante’s Hotel on Steam right now.


    With the Brazilian game studio Split Studio, Wizavior was there with its minimal but fun gameplay. In the game, you are tasked to collect small crystals and return them to the big one in the middle to stop it from exploding. That is basically the only thing that you do in the game, but the game does have a nice animated story behind it and the levels do get more challenging over time with the introduction of platforms that you can’t step on, ones that make you slower when it rains and slippery ice platforms.

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    You can follow the game on Facebook for any updates on it.

    Out And About

    For Out and About there sadly was a similar issue where the build we played didn’t work and kept crashing. It’s a sim where you help people get stuff from nature to identify the surrounding land.

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    Wishlist Out And About on Steam.

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