Dead Island 2: Haus Review

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    Dead Island 2: Haus is the 1st DLC for the long-awaited Dead Island 2, set in a dreamlike and strange world. Here is our Dead Island 2: Haus Review.

    The DLC was developed by Deep Silver Dambuster Studios and published by Plaion, it was released on November 2, 2023, for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

    While it doesn’t seem like it, this DLC takes place a bit after the main game and is in some ways connected to the main story. It starts with an invite card that you need to pick up, and then you get transported to a seemingly normal place… until you enter the “Haus”. In the Haus is this talking head that tasks you to find a few other heads so you can open a special door, but to do this, you need to go through a few rituals, bosses, and puzzles.

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    The DLC doesn’t add much in terms of gameplay other than some new weapons like the crossbow and some cards, but the location it is set in has so many new elements that you dont miss anything or that it feels like you need more, other than a longer story because it was a bit shorter then I would have liked and I clocked in about 2 hours from start till finish, but for its 13$ price tag, it’s not that bad a time compared to some other DLC’s we have had in 2023.

    Dead Island 2: Haus Review

    Its setting feels a lot more like a traditional horror house and also has a lot more scares in it, the main game always had a happy type feel to it and it did have its moments, but here, the majority is in a dark house, a ground maze or some woods, it just ups the spookiness compared to the sunny HELL-A beaches.

    Our editor Mike did play the DLC before me, and he said he was disappointed by it compared to the main game and also complained about its length, I see why he could be disappointed if you liked the setting of the main game, but it sure isn’t a wasted time to play this, it’s a fun ride worth to see, and the cliffhanger the DLC ends with and teases for the next DLC or a potential 3rd game has me so hyped up just to see whats next for Dead Island.

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    A cool and wacky story with a bit more horror elements

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    A cool and wacky story with a bit more horror elementsDead Island 2: Haus Review