WWE 2K Battlegrounds Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 3/10
    Estimated time to platinum/100%: 5-8 hours
    Missable trophies: None
    Glitched trophies: None
    Difficulty Related: Gold Invincible must be done on Medium
    Playthrough: 1 Campaign playthrough


    Welcome to the WWE 2K Battlegrounds Trophy Guide!
    Brawl without limits on your way obtaining this 100%.


    Step 1: Complete the Campaign

    In this step you will focus on completing the main path of the campaign. You will need to complete the campaign in order to unlock the Silver Becoming a SuperStar trophy. You do not need to complete any of the side events to complete the campaign. Side events are only there to give you power-ups, and miscellaneous cosmetic items. There is only one side path that needs to be completed to get the Bronze Thunderstorm trophy, but it only consists of one match.

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    You will likely get a lot of the miscellaneous trophies on your way to completing the campaign, and whatever you don’t get can be cleaned up in a couple minutes. Just be sure you are taunting every now and then as well as using your signature moves to save a minuscule amount of time cleaning up. After completing the campaign you are ready for step 2.

    During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
    Bronze I won!
    Bronze That’s My Signature
    Silver Becoming a SuperStar
    Bronze Welcome to the Sunshine State
    Bronze Charismatic 
    Bronze Freedom!
    Bronze Nothing Personal 

    Step 2: Exhibition Mode

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    Here you will be getting the trophies tied to the Gauntlet mode as well as Royal Rumble. Now that you have completed the campaign, you are more familiar with the mechanics as well as just knowing how to win matches more easily. You also will have a lot of money from leveling up which can be used to upgrade the power-ups you will be using for these two modes.

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    You can view the respective trophies below for more information on obtaining them as easily as possible. After this step if you do not already have the 100%, you will need to spend a couple of minutes cleaning up the trophies in Step 3.

    During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
    Silver Vs. the World
    Silver Anybody else?
    Gold Invincible 

    Step 3: Miscellaneous / Cleanup

    This step may not be necessary if you went for all of the trophies while doing your initial campaign run. If you have anything else to clean up after completing stage 2, it is likely you will have less than 20-30 minutes worth of trophies left. Below are the trophies that you might not have earned during the above steps.

    If you have already gotten your 100% in step 2, then congratulations on adding another complete game to your collection! 

    During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:
    Bronze Thunderstorm 
    Bronze Is that a legal move?

    Trophy Guide:

    I won!
    Perform a pin successfully

    This trophy is unlocked when you have successfully pinned your first opponent.

    This will likely be the first trophy that you obtain, and you will likely unlock it on your very first match of the campaign. You can perform a pin on any mode that doesn’t require you to win by exiting a cage, pushing opponents out of the ring, etc.. The first match of the campaign is a simple 1v1 exhibition match, and also serves as a tutorial.

    You will see your opponents health bar to the left of their character. It will first be green, then yellow, red, and then completely empty. For you to successfully be able to pin your opponent, you must first work on depleting their health. Get it as low as possible (empty gives you a 100% pin rate) and then get your opponent on the ground. All you have to do now is approach them and hit the button. You will perform the pin, and the countdown will begin. 

    If the announcer reaches a “3 count” then the match will end and you will get your trophy. You can also obtain this trophy against a friend online, or by yourself with a second controller. As long as you win by a pin and by no other means, the trophy will unlock as soon as the match ends.

    Control the ram and feed your opponent to the alligator

    This trophy is unlocked after you have successfully fed an opponent to an alligator as well as controlled the ram.

    This trophy takes place on two separate maps. You must compete a small objective on both maps to unlock this trophy. Both can be seen below:

    Feed your opponent to the alligator: This can only be done on the everglades map which is the second section of the campaign “Florida”. Here there will be an alligator outside the ring on both the left and right side of it. Simply approach your opponent inside the ring and hold the to lift them. Now go to either the left or right of the ring and you will see the hungry alligator in the distance. Press the button to throw your opponent at the alligator and watch them chomp away.

    Controlling the Ram: This can only be done on the “Mexico” map which is the 3rd section of the campaign. Once you are on this map you will notice a ram at the top of your screen. In order to take control of it, you need to exit the ring by approaching the the ropes and holding the button. Approach the top left of this area and you will be able to press once more to hop in the stands with the crowd. To the left of here you will see a small remote you can pick up by pressing the button. Pick it up and you will now take control of the ram. You can even use it to attack your opponent.

    After you have completed both of these tasks on their respective maps, you will unlock the trophy.

    Unlock the “Thunderstorm” Power Up

    This trophy is unlocked after you have unlocked the Thunderstorm power up.

    Just like all of the power ups in the game, this one is also unlocked by completing a specific side path in the campaign. A side path is just any fight / chain of fights that is not part of the main campaign path. The Thunderstorm power up is unlocked in the second to last area of the campaign “Detroit”.

    Right after your first match in Detroit, there will be a side path directly underneath it. It will be a 2v2 match against Baron Corbin and Jeff Hardy. After you have successfully completed this match, the power up below this fight can now be claimed. Go to the power up and press the button to claim it and the trophy will follow soon after.

    That’s my signature
    Perform 20 signature moves

    This trophy is unlocked by performing 20 signature moves. 

    Signature moves can be performed when your “heat meter” is completely filled. Your heat meter is the blue circle located directly underneath your character. You can fill it by doing combos, taking damage, and just about anything. Once it is completely full, simply approach your opponent and press + at the same time. If done correctly, the animation will begin and you will perform the move. 

    The moves do not need to be done in a single mode or with a single wrestler, it is all accumulative. Some of the signature moves can only be performed if your opponent is on the ground, while most of them are performed when your opponent is standing. If you wanted to, you can get this trophy in a single match by just abusing your easy opponent (or second controller) and just keep performing the signature moves until the trophy is unlocked. Though that is not necessary as you will unlock this trophy by the time you beat the campaign.

    After you have performed 20 of these signature moves, the trophy will unlock. 

    Becoming a SuperStar upscale-245262160018212
    Complete the Wrestlemania event

    This trophy is unlocked after you have completed the Wrestlemania event.

    In other words, this is a trophy for completing the main path of the campaign. Wrestlemania is the final section of the campaign, and it will end with an all female Royal Rumble of 9 contestants. You do not need to complete all of the side events in the campaign to unlock this trophy. Side paths are only there to give you new power ups as well as cosmetic items / other unlocks that are not required for this trophy.

    If you stick to the main story path (just going straight from left to right) then you will be able to get through the campaign in just 3 hours or so. While going through the campaign you will also level up a lot which will net you a bunch of money you can use to upgrade your power ups to make the Royal Rumble trophies easier. 

    If you have any trouble progressing through any of the fights, feel free to back track to learn more power ups, or just more familiarize yourself with the game mechanics. The campaign is short, sweet, and easy so you should not have much trouble getting to the end. The best part is you should be able to get most of the other trophies just by having fun on the campaign.

    After you complete the final royal rumble event at wrestlemania and send Ronda Rousey on her way, this trophy will unlock.

    Welcome to the Sunshine State
    Unlock the Everglades battleground

    This trophy is unlocked after you have unlocked the Everglades battleground.

    This trophy is technically story related to the main campaign, you just need to go and claim the award after you progress through the fight that rewards it. This trophy can be unlocked at the end of the second section in the campaign “Florida”.

    This section will end with a 1v1 match vs Brock Lesnar. After you have successfully completed this fight, simply click on the reward underneath this fight to unlock the Everglades battleground as well as this trophy.

    Vs. the World upscale-245262160018212
    Win a Gauntlet match against 5 opponents or more

    This trophy is unlocked after you have won a gauntlet match against 5 or more opponents.

    This trophy will have to be earned in the exhibition mode of the game as the campaign will only have gauntlets consisting of 4 opponents. Head to Exhibition from the play menu and select the gauntlet mode. From here you can press the button to edit the settings of the match. The only setting that matters is the number of opponents, so change that to 5. Also be sure to make sure the difficulty is set to easy to make the trophy as easy as possible. 

    A gauntlet match is just you playing against a number of opponents one at a time. The trophy is not hard at all, especially if you have upgrades to heal yourself such as “Feel the Heal”. You will also be playing on easy, which makes this trophy that much easier. Just play through the fights as you normally would, and heal yourself in between the opponents. You can see what opponent you are on in the top left of your screen.

    As soon as you have defeated all 5 of your opponents, the trophy will unlock shortly after. 

    Fill the crowd bar

    This trophy is unlocked after you have successfully filled your crowd bar for the first time.

    The crowd bar will be located at the bottom of your screen, directly below the image of your character. You will see at the start of the match that it is currently at 0/500. You can fill this by doing combos, taunts, and pretty much anything. The fastest way to fill the bar is by doing crowd objectives. These will be located directly above your PSN name at the bottom of the screen. It will tell you what to do, as well as tell you how many crowd points you will get for completing it. 

    Most of these are fairly easy. It may ask you to taunt your opponent, throw them, do a specific move, etc.. Each one you do will add to your overall crowd meter, but you only have a limited time to complete each challenge before a new one appears. You can take advantage of your opponent and just not pin them until the crowd meter is full, or fight against a second controller to make this trophy even easier.

    The trophy will likely unlock without you even noticing, especially when attempting the Royal Rumble trophies as those matches are long. Just continue to attack your opponent/s and please the crowd in whichever way they see fit. Once that crowd meter reaches 500/500, the trophy will unlock.

    Win a Steel Cage match

    This trophy is unlocked by winning your first steel cage match.

    This trophy is story related to the campaign as you are forced to win 5-6 steel cage matches by the time the campaign has been completed. As a matter of fact, the second mission of the campaign is a steel cage match, so this will likely be the second trophy you unlock in this game. If you are playing the campaign, the game does a good job of walking you through the match until it is over.

    In a steel cage match you are locked in a cage with a single opponent. To win this match you must first completely feel your money bar to the left of your screen and then escape the cage before your opponent does. While fighting your opponent you will see cash spawn in on the ring, as well as bags of cash spawn in on the actual cage. You can simply walk over the cash on the ring to collect it, while you will have to climb the cage to collect the bags.

    Before climbing the cage, be sure to down your opponent to give you more time. Once they are down, approach the cage and press/hold the button to start climbing. Once near the bag you will then need to hold the button again for 3 seconds to collect the bag. If done correctly, you will collect the bag and see your cash meter begin to rise. You will need about 4 bags before being able to escape. When climbing the cage your opponent can also pull you down. If they try to grab you, you will need to press + quickly to escape their grasp.

    When climbing the fence you must also be cautious to not climb it when the electric fence is about to be activated. You will hear a noise before it gets activated. Once you have enough cash, climb to the very top of the cage and it will have you hold down a random button for another 3 seconds. Hold the button down until the meter is full, and you will climb over the fence and complete the match. Your opponent can also pull you down here so be careful.

    You can also get this trophy easily with a second idle controller in an exhibition steel cage match, though it is not necessary as you will have to play a few of these to get through the campaign. Once you have successfully won your first steel cage match, the trophy will unlock. 

    Nothing personal
    Perform 20 taunts

    This trophy is unlocked by performing 20 taunts.

    Taunts are done by pressing on the D-Pad. Once done, you will begin taunting your opponent/s. Taunting will help please the crowd, fill your heat meter, as well as your skills meter. It will take 2-3 seconds to perform the full taunt so it is best to either knock your opponent down while you do one, or just exit the ring to give yourself more time to perform one.

    The taunts are accumulative and do not need to be done in one mode, or with a single wrestler. If you taunt while you play through the campaign pretty regularly then you will get this trophy rather early. You can also go into a match against an easy AI opponent or an idle second controller and do all the taunts in a single match.

    Once you have performed your 20th taunt, the trophy will unlock.

    Anybody else? upscale-245262160018212
    Win a Royal Rumble match with 20 opponents

    This trophy is unlocked after you have won a Royal Rumble match with 20 opponents.

    This trophy cannot be earned in the campaign as you will only have two royal rumble matches that consist of 9 people. You must go to the exhibition category on the play screen, and select royal rumble from here.

    Although you only need to defeat 20 opponents for this trophy, you will need to defeat 30 for the Gold Invincible trophy, so view that trophy for more information on how to achieve these ones. The only difference between the two trophies is that this one can be done on easy, while the other trophy must be done on at least medium. You might as well get them at once though to save some time, but the option of earning them separately is still there if wanted.

    Is that a legal move?
    Pick up a motorcycle and a turnbuckle

    This trophy is unlocked after you have picked up both a motorcycle and a turnbuckle.

    This does not have to be done in a single match, or a single mode. Lifting a motorcycle is rather easy, while a turnbuckle will require a tad extra work! 

    Lifting a Motorcycle: You can lift a motorcycle one of two ways. Use a “Brawler” character. Billy Higgins is one of them, and is unlocked during the second part of the campaign. You can use is special by holding and constantly pressing the button. This requires stamina, but eventually he will pull a motorcycle out of his back pocket. You do not need to hit your opponent with it, as just spawning it is enough. You can also randomly find a motorcycle under the ring. You do this by exiting the ring, walking to the center of any of the 4 sides of the ring, and pressing the button to grab a random object from underneath.

    Lifting a Turnbuckle: Turnbuckles are what hold the ropes along the ring together. There is one at each corner of the ring, so there are a total of 4 turnbuckles on each ring. To pick one of these up you must first destroy the ring. Make sure the ring is able to be destroyed first. You do this by pressing before a match and going to match options. If “Destructible Ring” says Yes, then you are good. (Most campaign matches are set to yes)

    To Destroy the ring you must either perform a lot of signature moves inside the actual ring, as well as have them performed on you. Eventually the ring will break and then you can approach a turnbuckle and pick it up with the button. The easiest way to get this is by playing the Detroit Map. It is the 6th section of the campaign. You can earn this on the very first match here. To the left of the ring there will be explosive barrels. Pick one up with and toss it at the ring with . If done correctly you will completely destroy the ring allowing you to pick up a turnbuckle. (You might need to throw a second barrel)

    After you have successfully picked up both a motorcycle and a turnbuckle, the trophy will then unlock.

    Invincible Gold
    Win a Royal Rumble match against 30 opponents in normal difficulty or higher

    This trophy is unlocked after you have won a Royal Rumble match with 30 opponents on normal difficulty or higher.

    This trophy cannot be earned in the campaign as you will only have two royal rumble matches that consist of 9 people. You must go to the exhibition category on the play screen, and select royal rumble from here. A royal rumble is match which is basically a free for all of 30 people. There can only be 4 people in the ring at one time, so as one gets eliminated another will enter until there is only one left. (Ideally that person would be you)

    Unlike the other WWE games here is no way to change when your wrestler come out. They will also start you as the first wrestler, and you will have to get through all 30 opponents to unlock this trophy. To start this match go to the play screen, and then click on royal rumble. Here you can select your wrestler, and then change the settings for the purpose of this trophy.

    I strongly suggest you use the undertaker for this trophy, as he is all around the most dominant in the game and is unlocked from the very beginning. You can then press the button to change the settings. Go into match rules and change the number of superstars to 30. You must then go to the difficulty selection and choose medium. (The trophy description says normal, which is actual medium in game). These are the only two settings that need to be changed.

    Before starting this trophy, it is STRONGLY suggested that you first have the “Feel the Heal” power up and that it is fully upgraded. It does not need to be fully upgraded, but it will definitely help in the long run. Regardless, this power up is a must have. You unlock it during the 3rd section of the campaign “mexico”. The path to this powerup is unlocked after you do the first Gauntlet match in Mexico. After this is done, complete the two 1v1 matches above it to then claim this power up.

    The reason this power up is so ideal is because if fully upgraded, you can gain back 25% of your health the instant it is used. This is extremely important as you will have to survive through 29 other wrestlers. Once you have the ability, you can upgrade it by going to the superstars tab on the main menu. Select the undertaker (or whichever wrestler you are using) and then hit the button. Here you can upgrade the power up as well as equip it. (You can also equip it from the character selection screen before the match)

    Once you start the match just continue to dominate in the ring. You cannot pin opponents, and the only way to eliminate others is by throwing them out of the ring. If there are 3 opponents in the ring, try and let the other 2 go at it while you sit in the back and taunt while trying to build your meter. Sometimes even all 3 of the AI wrestlers will go at it with each other and leave you alone. Continue to play normal as you would throughout the entirety of the match.

    If two of the AI are having a 1v1 battle, dont get involved with them. Focus on one opponent at a time, and you will constantly see there is typically two 1v1 matches going on in the ring. To throw an enemy outside of the ring you have a few options:

    • Hit them up against the ropes, and the approach them and press the button. You will then have to tap + to kick them out. Typically if they have a red health bar, you will win this fight.
    • Hold to lift your opponent when their health is low, and then press to throw them in the direction you are facing. 
    • Press and aim with the stick in the direction you want to throw them. (Throw them to whichever ropes are closest) and the will fly to the opposite end of the ropes. You can then press to initiate another  mini game. If they have red health, you will likely win. If they have no health then they will get kicked off as soon as you press . You can also just try punching them off once they are on the exterior ropes.

    If you are down a full bar of health, then use your Feel the Heal ability. If it is fully upgraded then you will gain a full 25% of your health back instantly. Just rinse and repeat this process until you are the last one standing. After the last opponent has been thrown outside of the ring, you will complete the match and unlock this trophy. If you have not already earned the Silver Anybody Else? trophy, you will also unlock it here.


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      • You can upgrade your skills via the “superstars” option from the main menu. Click that and select any wrestler. From there you can press square to upgrade your skills. It doesn’t matter which wrestler you click on to upgrade, as the upgrades are shared between all the wrestlers

    1. Really enjoyed 2k Battlegrounds, also found that Retro Mania Wrestling is surprisingly good and it has a pretty easy platinum. Can’t wait for the AEW game, looks really good.

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